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The first Victorian racewalking Championships for men were held in 1892 - nearly 130 years ago . VRWC Life Member Bert Gardiner accumulated much of the information on these men's races during his long involvement as a statistician and this forms the basis for much of what appears in these pages.

AV Life Member Marion Patterson has done similar research into the early Victorian Championships held for women. The first such event was held in 1931 and the distance was a miniscule 440 yards. The prevailing view of the day was that longer distances were bad for women. Luckily, pioneering women pushed the limits of what was socially acceptable and now women compete with men over equal distances and with equal stature.

There is still much to be done. The Open Womens Championships are still relatively incomplete and the Under Age Championships only reference from 2001 onwards. All contributions - either amendments or new entries - are most welcome and will make the task easier.

Tim Erickson

Last updated 30 May 2019