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VRWC Results - Summer Season 2015/2016


The Summer Season occurs between October and March and coincides with the long hot Australian summer. The emphasis in on track walking and most races are over the shorter track distances. There is also a strong walking presence in the 'Interclub' Track Competition with all Athletics Teams fielding walkers in their regular competitions.

For this reason, VRWC only holds a small number of events during this period.


We saw a good turnout for the annual Athletics Victoria 5km Roadwalk Teams Championships at Middle Park last Sunday morning with 41 walkers in action. The sun was out early and conditions were trying but times were still good.

Overall wins went to juniors Emmet Brasier (22:11) and Rebecca Henderson (26:00) while the teams titles went to Collingwood (Adam Garganis, Stuart Kollmorgen and David Smyth) and Ballarat YCW (Jemma Peart, Alanna Peart and Sarah Brennan).

AV 5km Teams Championship, Men                
1.  Emmet Brasier          Diamond Valley AC     22:11
2.  Adam Garganis          Collingwood HAC       22:21
3.  Stuart Kollmorgen      Collingwood HAC       23:41
4.  Kyle Bird              Mornington Peninsula  24:21
5.  Reese Walmsley         Knox AC               24:37
6.  Corey Dickson          Knox AC               25:53
7.  Aaron McDonough        Preston AC            26:14
8.  Hayden Walmsley        Knox AC               26:46
9.  David Smyth            Collingwood HAC       27:38
10. Jordan Galbraith       Diamond Valley AC     28:09
11. Patrick Clarke         Diamond Valley AC     30:04
12. Bernie Keirl           Diamond Valley AC     31:52
13. Bob Gardiner           Collingwood HAC       33:52

Teams Results            
1.  Collingwood HAC    18  Adam Garganis, Stuart Kollmorgen, David Smyth
2.  Knox AC            15  Reese Walmsley, Corey Dickson, Hayden Walmsley
3.  Diamond Valley AC  13  Emmet Brasier, Jordan Galbraith, Patrick Clark

AV 5km Teams Championship, Women                
1.  Rebecca Henderson      Casey Cardinia Aths   26:00
2.  Jemma Peart            Ballarat YCW HAC      27:04
3.  Amanda Heard           Eaglehawk AC          27:25
4.  Alanna Peart           Ballarat YCW          27:44
5.  Sarah Brennan          Ballarat YCW          28:00
6.  Heather Carr           Glenhuntly AC         30:29
7.  Gwen Steed             Glenhuntly AC         34:27
8.  Samantha Miller        Glenhuntly AC         35:18
9.  Sandra Howorth         Glenhuntly AC         35:58
    Mackayla Davison       Corio AC              DNS

Teams Results            
1. Ballarat YCW       16   Jemma Peart, Alanna Peart, Sarah Brennan
2. Glenhuntly AC       6   Heather Carr, Gwen Steed, Samantha Miller

A number of VRWC races were on offer to round out the morning and it was NZ internationals Quentin Rew and Alana Barber who showed their class out front. Quentin walked through the 20km in 1:30:57 as part of a 30km training walk (done in 2:16:10) while Alana was doing a 2km hard / 1km recovery session but still managed a very respectable 1:40:12.  Emmet Brasier continued on after his 5km AV win and recorded a good 45:59 for the 10km. We also welcomed Qld walker Luke McCutcheon who recorded a 44 sec PB of 47:48. It was also great to see Natalie Laurie back on the road and looking serious (57:28). Kyle Swan (22:41) and Jemima Montag (24:08) were the best of the 5km walkers while we welcomed back Nick Mirarchi (18:35 for 3km) for his first walk with us for a number of years.

20km Open Walk            
1.  Quentin Rew      1:30:57    30km in 2:16:10
2.  Alana Barber     1:40:12
10km Open Walk            
1.  Emmet Brasier      45:59
2.  Luke McCutcheon    47:48    PB 0:44
3.  Natalie Laurie     57:28
4.  Donna-Marie Elms  1:0:10
    Megan Szirom         DNF
5km Open Walk            
1.  Kyle Swan          22:41
2.  Jemima Montag      24:08
3.  Philippa Huse      27:19
4.  Will Thompson      28:55
5.  Tim Erickson       30:18
6.  Robyn Shaw         35:32
7.  David Moore        41:04
3km Open Walk            
1.  Ralph Bennett      18:02
2.  Kirstin Shaw       18:33
3.  Nicholas Mirarchi  18:35
2km Open Walk            
1.  Merilyn Thompson   15:15
2.  Pam Mews           21:50

Thanks as always to the many officials, helpers and judges who keep the show on the road every week Apologies if I have missed anyone.
Officials: Mark Donahoo, Ralph Bennett, Damien Elms, Tim Erickson, Ian Laurie, Marlaine Stanway
Judges: Suzanne Callaway (Chief), Peter Vysma, Stuart Cooper, Gordon Loughnan, Diane Lowden, Kathleen Marsh, Terry Swan, Michael Bodey (DQ Board)
Canteen: Kate Suich, Wendy Cooper
Photos: Simon Baker


Our VRWC summer season continued today with road races at our headquarters at Middle Park. While only 27 walkers were in attendance, they had perfect conditions early on before the heat and wind came up and tested the walkers in the shorter events.

Kelly Ruddick was the only starter in the 20km but she decided to call it quits after 10km, done in a quick 47:30. Stuart Kollmorgen went with her early, then held on well for 49:55. Jason Kozica 23:46 and Tayla-Paige Billington 24:33 produced good 5km times  while Corey Dickson was fastest over 3km with 15:39. It was good to see Jemma, Alanna and Scott Peart down from Ballarat and all walking good times. We are back at Middle Park in 3 weeks time (Sunday 7th February) for our final road races for the summer.

20km Open                
    Kelly Ruddick          F       DNF   10km in 47:30
10km Open                
1.  Stuart Kollmorgen      M      49:55
2.  David Smyth            M      57:11
3.  Tim Erickson           M    1:01:15
4.  Wendy Muldoon          F    1:02:14
5.  Ralph Bennett          M    1:02:19
6.  Pam Tindal             F    1:03:23
7.  carolyn Rosenbrock     F    1:03:24
8.  Donna-Marie Elms       F    1:10:26
    Paul Moritz            M    DNF      3km in 21:01
5km Open                
1.  Jason Kozica           M      23:46
2.  Tayla-Paige Billington F      24:33
3.  James Christmass       M      26:25
4.  Simone McInnes         F      27:07
5.  Jemma Peart            F      27:56
6.  Ian Beaumont           M      43:10
7.  Margaret Beaumont      F      44:38
    Robyn Shaw             F      DNF    2km in 14:11
3km Open                
1.  Corey Dickson          M      15:39
2.  Alanna Peart           F      16:47
3.  Kathleen O'Mahony      F      17:52
4.  Charlotte Hay          F      18:20
5.  Ruby Paten             F      18:27
6.  Kirstin Shaw           F      21:46
7.  Angus Hay              M      22:23
2km Open                
1.  Pam Mews               F      24:45
1km Open                
1.  Scott Peart            M      07:22

Thank as always to our officials and judges. Sorry if I missed anyone.
Officials: Mark Donahoo, Ralph Bennett, Mark O'Mahony, Don McLaren, Stacey McLaren, Peter Vysma
Judges: Terry Swan (Chief), Diane Lowden, Judy Mason,  Stuart Cooper, Lloyd Nichols, Gordon Loughnan, Brenda Felton, Suzanne Callaway


Our VRWC summer championships were held last Sunday at our headquarters in Melbourne in perfect spring weather – sunny but cool with a slight breeze. The numbers were a bit disappointing (only 29 walkers) but there are so many conflicting racing opportunities for our Victorian walkers and we do struggle a bit in the summer to gain the same sort of critical mass which we see in our winter races.

Our 20km races got underway first at 8:30AM, with Chris Erickson and Quentin Rew arriving just before the start time, midway through a long 40km training session, to toe the line and walk the second half of their designated training session as part of the race. And they walked pretty impressively and finished seemingly fresh after their big day's workout. We were wondering who would cross the finish line first and hence win the club championship but we left it with the boys to decide for themselves. With Quentin crossing a tad behind Chris (both with the same time of 1:35:42), the overall club championship title went to Chris (his third win after previous victories in 2008 and 2012).  Alana Barber was the other standout in the 20km, her time of 1:37:13 even more impressive when you realise that she walked it as an intervals training session with 2km hard / 1km float for the full 20km. Bad luck to Sydney walker Nicole Fagan who was on track for a good time when she stopped at the 14km mark.

20km Open Men Club Championship - Gus Theobold Memorial Trophy            
1.  Erickson, Chris        1:35:42
2.  Rew, Quentin           1:35:42
3.  Kozica, Jason          1:47:28
4.  Jamieson, Andrew       1:49:44
5.  Christmass, James      1:56:14
20km Open            
1.  Barber, Alana          1:37:13
2.  Howorth, Sandra        2:32:19
    Fagan, Nicole (NSW)        DNF

The 10km walks, which started at 9:30AM, saw a huge walk by 17 year old Jemima Montag, her time of 48:01 well under the AA standard for the 2016 World Juniors Championships. I think that will be the first of a number of qualifiers for her. Kyle Swan also walked fast but easily for his 47:12. Further down the field, Carolyn Rosenbrock won our Masters Women 10km championship with 1:01:38, finishing just over a minute ahead of Heather Carr (1:02:54), after whom the perpetual trophy is named. And finally, we were very pleased to welcome French walker and Heel & Toe newsletter correspondent Emmanuel Tardi (1:13:19) who was in Victoria for a few days on his way home from New Zealand.
10km Masters Women Club Championship - Heather Carr Trophy            
1.  Rosenbrock, Carolyn    1:01:39
2.  Carr, Heather          1:02:54
10km Open            
1.  Swan, Kyle               47:12
2.  Montag, Jemima           48:01    2016 World Junior Qualifying Time
3.  Smyth, David             56:16
4.  Tardi, Emanuel         1:13:19
    Dickenson, Russ            DNF
Our shorter distance races kicked off at 10:30AM, with club championship wins going to Tayla-Paige Billington (24:40), Reese Walmsley (24:45), Ruby Paten (17:40), Hayden Walmsley (15:13), Angus Hay (9:19) and Charlotte Hay (8:17).

5km U20 Club Championships            
1.  Paige-Billington, Tayla  24:40
1.  Walmsley, Reese          24:45
5km Open    
1.  Dickson, Corey           26:04        
2.  Erickson, Tim            29:16
3km U15 Club Championships            
1.  Paten, Ruby              17:40
1.  Walmsley, Hayden         15:13
3km Open            
1.  Elms, Donna-Marie        18:26
2.  Doran, Anthony           21:15
3.  Johnson, Celia           21:56
4.  Beaumont, Ian            25:18
5.  Beaumont, Margaret       25:38
    Mews, Pam                   DQ
1.5km U12 Club Championships            
1.  Hay, Angus                9:19
1.  Hay, Charlotte            8:17

Thanks as always to our officials, canteen helpers and judges, without whom we could't function.
Officials: Tim Erickson, Mark Donahoo, Harry Summers, Damien Elms, Ralph Bennett, Terry Swan
Judges: Peter Vysma (chief), Gordon Loughnan, Lloyd Nichols, Diane Lowden, Stuart Cooper
Canteen: Kate Suich, Wendy Cooper
Photos: Terry Swan (see http://www.vrwc.org.au/coppermine/thumbnails.php?album=61).


The sky clouded over and the temperature dropped just in time for our VRWC track races last Wednesday evening at Clifton Hill. Although the turnout was only small, the racing was keenly contested, with best performances going to Simone McInnes (a big 1500m PB of 6:53.15), Eliza Clarke (13:53), and James Christmass (24:43).

10,000m Walk                   
E1. Swan, Kyle            M    49:56
E1. Kozica, Jason         M    49:56
5000m Walk               
1.  Christmass, James     M    24:43
2.  Smyth, David          M    27:36
3.  Noonan, Emily         F    30:16
    Walmsley, Reese       M    DNF
3000m Walk               
1.  Clarke, Eliza         F    13:53
2.  Dickson, Corey        M    15:41
3.  Walmsley, Hayden      M    16:05
4.  Noonan, Claire        F    18:48
5.  Shaw, Robyn           F    19:10
6.  Gardiner, Bob         M    19:46
    Dickenson, Russ       M    DNF
1500m Walk               
1.  McInnes, Simone       F    6:53.15    PB
2.  Dynes, William        M    8:01
3.  Holmes, Charlotte     F    8:25
4.  Elms, Donna           F    8:28
5.  Holmes, Molly         F    9:21
6.  Dickson, Charlee      F    9:23
7.  Morris, Paul          M    9:31

Thanks to our officials and judges, without whom we would not have any races at all.
Officials: Tim Erickson, Harry Summers, Jason Elms, Damien Elms               
Judges: Judy Mason (chief), Stuart Cooper, Michael Bodey, Peter Vysma, Terry Swan               
Water Station: Alan Walmsley               
Photos: Terry Swan               

Thanks to Terry Swan for his usual photo gallery at http://www.vrwc.org.au/coppermine/. Our next VRWC races will be our Summer roadwalk championships at Middle Park on Sunday 29th November.


The VRWC Summer Season kicked off on Sunday morning with road walks at our headquarters at Middle Park. Due to an unexpected event near our racing course, we could no use our full 2km loop so had to restrict walkers to the bottom 1km section of the course – still flat and traffic free but with a few more turns overall. Conditions were good early on but the wind picked up during the morning so the later events were a bit tougher for walkers.

Although we only had 22 walkers in attendance, the list included internationals Rhydian Cowley, Chris Erickson and Quentin Rew who strolled the 20km event as part of their long Sunday morning training session – a nice easy 1:39:19! Internationals Kelly Ruddick, Kyle Swan and Jemima Montag were also racing in shorter distance events to round out a pretty elite mix of entrants. Most of those in action had walked the day before in the AV Shield comps. Jason Kozica, Andrew Jamieson and Danny Hawksworth also finished the 20km distance in what were good efforts. Adam Garganis clocked in with 1:15:11 for 15km while Kelly Ruddick 48:19 and Kyle Swan 49:44 were the fastest over 10km.

VRWC 20km       
E1. Rhydian Cowley          1:39:19
E1. Chris Erickson          1:39:19
E1. Quentin Rew             1:39:19
4.  Jason Kozica            1:48:57
5.  Andrew Jamieson         1:49:38
6.  Danny Hawksworth        1:55:46

VRWC 15km
1.  Adam Garganis           1:15:11       
    Jemima Montag               DNF

VRWC 10km       
1.  Kelly Ruddick             48:19
2.  Kyle Swan                 49:44
3.  James Christmass          55:00
4.  Simon Evans               57:07
5.  David Smyth               58:46
6.  Heather Carr            1:04:22

VRWC 5km
1.  Reese Walmsley            26:36       
2.  Philippa Huse             27:32
3.  Hayden Walmsley           28:47
4.  Donna Elms                32:11
5.  Anthony Doran             37:30

VRWC 3km       
1. Charlotte Hay              17:30
2. Margaret Beaumont          26:16
3. Ian Beaumont               26:29

Terry Swan has posted photos from the meet – http://www.vrwc.org.au/coppermine/thumbnails.php?album=58. Thanks Terry!