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Runners World Melbourne - VRWC sponsor
RUNNERS WORLD, 598 High Street, East Kew, Victoria (Melways Map 45 G4)
Telephone: 03 9817 3503
Hours : Monday to Friday: 9:30am to 5:30pm
Saturday: 9:00am to 3:00pm
Website: http://www.runnersworld.com.au/

Neil Ryan of Runners World Kew approached VRWC early in the 2009 winter season with an offer of some club sponsorship. While we had our Points and Handicap awards, the awards were not necessarily won by our BEST walkers as they were influenced by participation rates. So, after various discussions, it was decided to institute Runners World Winter and Summer Season Awards as follows

Winter Season Awards (4)

Awards for our top Open male and female walkers $500 gift voucher for Runners World to each walker 
$500 cheque to each walker
Awards of our top Junior male and female walkers (age 14-19) 
$500 gift voucher for Runners World to each walker

The rules governing the Winter Season awards are designated as follows

    • While we have our Points awards, these are not necessarily won by our BEST walkers.
    • To be eligible for consideration, a walker must be a current VRWC member.
    • Junior nominees must be at least 12 and less than 20 years of age on 1st April of that calendar year.
    • To be eligible for consideration, a walker must be ranked highly in his/her category/age group.
    • A short list of nominations will be produced for the Committee by the Awards Subcommittee.
    • All nominees must have walked a minimum of 7 races from the published list of eligible events.
    • In the event that no one qualifies for nomination in a particular category, the Committee reserves the right to waive the criteria where the walker must walk 7 races.
    • AA or VIS sponsored athletes are excluded from the list of nominees as these athletes already have a good level of support. This sponsorship is aimed at walkers who are currently self funded.
    • Sponsorship winners in each category will be decided by VRWC Committee vote.
    • Award winners will be announced and awarded as part of the Winter Season Presentations

    Summer Season Awards (2)

    Awards for our top male and female walkers 
    $500 gift voucher for Runners World to each walker 
    $500 cheque to each walker

    While most of the rules match those of the winter season, the following differences exist

    • Nominees must have raced in at least 4 races from the following list, including at least 2 VRWC Summer Season races
      • The various VRWC summer season races
      • The various AV championships (Schools, Country, AV Teams and State T&F champs)
      • The VLAA T&F championships
      • The various AA championships
      • The VMA and AMA championships
      • AV Shield competition walks
    • There is no age limit on the Summer Season Award winner. Thus our top male / female walker could come from any of Masters, Open, Junior or Little Athletics and all appropriate racing performances should be considered.
    • Award winners will be announced in early April of each year.

    Our winners so far have been

    Winter 2009
    Tom Barnes, Pam Tindal

    Rhydian Cowley, Amelia Finnegan
    Summer 2009/2010 
    Rhydian Cowley, Heather Carr
    Winter 2010
    Stuart Kollmorgen, Heather Carr

    Nathan Brill, Jmara Hockley-Samon
    Summer 2010/2011
    Nathan Brill, Heather Carr
    Winter 2011
    Andrew Jamieson, Heather Carr

    Nathan Brill, Amelia Finnegan
    Summer 2011/2012
    Nathan Brill, Jemima Montag
    Winter 2012
    Simon Evans, Michelle Laufer

    Nathan Brill, Stephanie George
    Summer 2012/2013
    Nathan Brill, Kelly Ruddick
    Winter 2013
    Chris Erickson, Kelly Ruddick

    Kyle Swan, Emily Hamilton
    Summer 2013/2014
    Jesse Osborne, Kelly Ruddick
    Winter 2014
    Simon Evans, Heather Carr

    Adam Garganis, Emily Hamilton
    Summer 2014/2015OpenKyle Swan, Jemima Montag
    Winter 2015
    Ralph Bennett, Heather Carr

    Kyle Swan, Jemima Montag
    Summer 2015/2016
    OpenAdam Garganis, Tayla-Paige Billington 
    Winter 2016
    Pramesh Prasad, Simone McInnes

    Adam Garganis, Philippa Huse
    Summer 2016/2017
    OpenPramesh Prasad, Simone McInnes
    Winter 2017
    Adam Garganis, Gwen Steed

    Will Thompson, Rebecca Henderson
    Summer 2017/2018
    OpenKyle Swan, Jemima Montag
    Winter 2018
    Ralph Bennett, Kelly Ruddick

    Kyle Swan, Charlotte Hay
    Summer 2018/2019
    Corey Dickson, Alanna Peart
    Winter 2019
    Kyle Swan, Tracy Feiner

    Corey Dickson, Alanna Peart

    We thank Neil for his ongoing support and recommend that all club members should return the favour and shop at Runners World Kew for all their sporting needs.