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VRWC Club Records


VRWC maintains club records for most age groups and most distances. Separate track and road records are maintained for shorter distance events while road records are maintained for longer events.

The current VRWC Club Record List reads as follows: VRWC-Club-Records-2020-07-29.pdf

Rules governing Club Record Applications

  1. New Club records will be accepted from all legitimate races of an appropriate standard. Examples include
    • VRWC Club Races
    • AV races
    • VMA championships
    • Major VLAA Open Days or championships
    • Other RWA club events
    • Australian or Racewalking Australian championships

  2. The acceptance of new club records requires
    • A minimum of 4 qualified racewalk judges to be in attendance
    • The course to be ratified as correctly measured
    • The results to be officially published
    • The local organizers to be able to verify the performance (if required)

  3. All club records are based on 'Age on the Day'.

  4. Track and Road records are maintained separately. Road records are rounded up to the next second and track records are rounded up to the next one tenth of a second.

  5. Only current members can claim club records.

  6. Club records may be retrospectively granted if sufficient proof of performance and club membership can be verified.

How to Apply for a Club Record

If you have bettered one of these records in legitimate judged competition and it can be verified by us, you are invited to submit a record application via the following panels.

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