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As part of an AV/VRWC Coaching initiative, a racwalk coaching seminar was held at the VRWC headquarters at Albert Park on Saturday 26 June with Simon Baker, Mark Donahoo and Tim Erickson as the expert coaching resources to be tapped. The theme was

Long Term Development of Junior Race Walkers
Planning and Preparing for Future Success

Athletics Australia National Coaching Manager Mick Poulton had also been due to talk about the new AA Coaching Structure but was held up and did not make it.

The presentations by Simon and Tim and Mick are available via the following links:

Walk Coach Presentation June 2010 -  Simon Baker.pdf
Walk Coach Presentation June 2010 -  Tim Erickson.pdf
Coach Acc & Ed Update AV June 2010 - Mike Poulton.pdf

Here is what participant Stuart Cooper had to say about the seminar: 2010 VRWC RACEWALKING SEMINAR REVIEW.doc

Thanks to Matt Griffin of Athletics Victoria for this initiative. Perhaps we might dust out the old brain cells and arrange a follow up!

Remember to check the coaching articles on Club Coach Mark Donahoo's coaching website:  http://www.racewalkingwithmark.com/

Simon Baker's advice for all walkers aspiring to the 2011 World Youth Championships: 2011 World Youth - Simon Baker advises.pdf