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VRWC Results: Summer Seasons 1991 -1998


The VRWC Summer Season occurs between October and March and coincides with the long hot Australian summer. The emphasis in on track walking and most races are over the shorter track distances. There is also a strong walking presence in the 'Interclub' Track Competition with all Athletics Teams fielding walkers in their regular competitions.For this reason, VRWC only holds a small number of events during this period.

From 1962, VRWC had its own clubrooms on the city side of Albert Park lake and large fields contested the regular winter weekend walks. When the Kennett Govt was elected in Victoria in 1993, this changed due to the subsequent awarding of the Formula 1 Grand Prix to Melbourne. With the first race scheduling in 1996, some serious Albert Park redevelopment kicked off and, alas, our clubrooms were demolished in early 1995. During the next twelve months, various options for accommodation and race circuits were offered but all were found wanting. After discussions with the MPBC Executive, our first race meeting was held at this venue on 21st January 1996. Following the success of that day, formal agreements were drawn up with MPBC and, in March 1996, the former caretaker's residence, now renamed Robinson Hall, became the new headquarters of the V.R.W.C.  The turmoil of the previous few years and the lack of a viable home course had wreaked havoc with the club and racing numbers were now small. A period of rebuilding was now needed and it was not until some years later that the club regained critical mass. This can be seen in the numbers racing from 1995 onwards.

Summer 1990/1991

Summer 1991/1992
1991-1992 VRWC Summer Season results.htm
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Summer 1992/1993
1992-1993 VRWC Summer Season results.html
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Summer 1993/1994
1993-1994 VRWC Summer-Season Results.pdf
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Summer 1994/1995

Summer 1995/1996

Summer 1996/1997

Summer 1997/1998