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VRWC Results - Summer Season 2014/2015


The Summer Season occurs between October and March and coincides with the long hot Australian summer. The emphasis in on track walking and most races are over the shorter track distances. There is also a strong walking presence in the 'Interclub' Track Competition with all Athletics Teams fielding walkers in their regular competitions.

For this reason, VRWC only holds a small number of events during this period.


We completed our VRWC summer season last weekend, with a track fixture at Dolomore Oval in Mentone, a southern Melbourne suburb. Conditions were excellent (cool and overcast), ideal for some quality racing.

The first events on the card were the Victorian Masters 5000m championships. As per common practice, the Age Graded percentages are included for each performance, to show their relative merit. The top performers were Ralph Bennett, Pam Tindal, Heather Carr, Bob Gardiner, Gwen Steed and Mark Donahoo, all with age graded percentages above 84.0% while fastest overall went to Stuart Kollmorgen (24:16) and Pam Tindal (25:42). And a special mention to Clyde Riddoch who has come back so quickly from a full hip replacement earlier this summer – M60 30:41!

1.  Sandra Geisler       W35    27:48    72.50%
1.  Donna Elms           W50    32:05    71.53%
2.  Carolyn Rosenbrock   W50    32:11    71.31%
3.  Sandra Howorth       W50    37:46    60.19%
1.  Pam Tindal           W55    26:42    87.68%
1.  Alison Thompson      W60    31:29    79.42%
1.  Heather Carr         W65    30:07    87.26%
1.  Gwen Steed           W70    34:20    84.63%
1.  Margaret Beaumont    W75    43:45    72.26%
1.  Pam Mews             W80    56:45    58.97%
VMA 5000M CHAMPIONSHIPS - MEN            AG%
1.  Rupert Van Dongen    M40    34:22    55.03%
1.  Stuart Kollmorgen    M45    24:16    81.08%
2.  James Christmass     M45    26:00    77.55%
3.  David Smyth          M45    28:28    69.12%
1.  Simon Evans          M50    26:48    79.18%
2.  Bernie Keirl         M50    27:59    73.90%
1.  Mark Donahoo         M55    25:33    84.54%
1.  Clyde Riddoch        M60    30:41    73.84%
2.  John Graham          M60    32:09    72.71%
1.  Des Middleton        M65    36:47    66.48%
1.  Ralph Bennett        M70    29:28    88.31%
-   Barrie Wicks         M70    DQ    
1.  Bob Gardiner         M75    32:17    86.44%
2.  John Morrison        M75    37:52    70.60%
-   Ian Beaumont         M75    DQ

VRWC club races followed and it was 13 year old Rebecca Henderson who walked from the front to record a great PB time of 14:41 in the 3000m. In the other races, Philippa Huse won the 5000m in 27:59 and Alanna Peart won the 1500m with 7:37. We also welcomed first time walkers Will Thompson, Natasha Mann and Riley Spence.

1.  Philippa Huse        F      27:59

1.  Rebecca Henderson    F      14:41    PB 0:10
2.  Nikola Mandic        M      16:02
3.  James Christmass     M      16:12
4.  Will Thompson        M      16:29    PB
5.  Bernie Keirl         M      16:38
6.  Jemma Peart          F      16:59
7.  Ruby Paten           F      17:19    PB 0:29

1.  Alanna Peart         F      07:37
2.  Bianca Morrow        F      08:27
3.  Riley Spence         F      10:58
4.  Scott Peart          M      10:59
5.  Natasha Mann         F      11:29

As usual, thanks to our officials and judges who keep the show on the road every week.
Officials: Tim Erickson, Ralph Bennett, Mark Donahoo, Damien Elms, Tony Doran, Bill Carr, Colin Thompson, Bob Gardiner
Judges: Peter Vysma (chief), Gordon Loughnan, Lloyd Nichols, Stuart Cooper


It was a wet morning at Middle Park on Sunday for the last of our VRWC summer roadwalks – in fact, it was raining when we got there, it was raining when we left and it rained pretty much uninterrupted throughout the races. We were also restricted to our 1km course due to Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix setup works (a yearly headache for us). But this did not stop a number of fine performances.

15 year old Kyle Swan and 17 year old Adam Garganis both tested themselves over 15km, Kyle recording a great first up 1:11:36 (an a new U16 club record) and Adam doing a big PB of 1:12:15. In the 10km event, 16 year old Emmet Brasier laid his cards on the table with a storming PB of 44:28, not far short of the 2015 World Youth qualifying standard and a time that definitely makes him the front runner for the second position behind Tyler Jones who recorded 44:13 in December 2014 at Fawkner Park. Our two international guests Alana Barber and Heather Lewis were also in action, Alana walking to a big PB of 46:49 and Heather doing a solid 48:46. We also welcomed NZ walker Terri Grimmett who recorded 1:02:51 after a delayed start! And special mentions to 16 year old Jemima Montag (13:25 for 3km) and 14 year old Eliza Clarke (14:07 for 3km) who also walked fantastically.

Open 15km Walk                    
1.  Swan, Kyle            23:52      47:38    1:11:36    First one
2.  Garganis, Adam        23:53      47:38    1:12:15    PB 8:54
3.  O'Neill, Terry        30:22    1:01:26    1:32:43
4.  O'Neill, Karyn        34:30    1:09:57    1:46:08
    Trower, Brian         29:55      59:41    DNF        (14km in 1:26:32)

Open 10km Walk    
1.  Brasier, Emmet        22:18      44:28    PB 1:34
2.  Barber, Alana (NZL)   23:53      46:49    PB 1:18            
3.  Lewis, Heather (GBR)  23:57      48:46
4.  Donahoo, Mark         26:58      54:24
5.  Tindal, Pam           27:55      57:46
6.  Keirl, Bernie         28:52      59:41
7.  Carr, Heather         32:05    1:04:57
8.  Grimmett, Terry (NZL) 32:15    1:05:21
    Campbell, Caitlin     32:12    DNF        (8km in 51:03)

Open 5km Walk
1.  Kollmorgen, Stuart    24:06
2.  Huse, Philippa        27:54
3.  Bennett, Ralph        28:37
4.  Armstrong, David      31:21
5.  Shaw, Kirstin         31:42
6.  Elms, Donna           32:35
7.  Gardiner, Bob         32:53
8.  Wrigley, Liz          38:19
9.  Wicks, Barrie         38:53
10. Turner, Gary          40:31

Open 3km Walk
1.  Montag, Jemima        13:25
2.  Clarke, Eliza         14:07
3.  Feain, Lachlan        17:14
4.  Feain, Gerard         17:33

U12 2km Walk
1.  Hay, Charlotte        12:14
2.  Hay, Angus            15:05

Thanks as usual to our regular officials and helpers.

Officials: Tim Erickson, Mark Donahoo, Ralph Bennett, Damien Elms, Bob Gardiner, Harry Summers
Judges: Peter Vysma, Stuart Cooper, Terry Swan
Canteen: Marlaine Stanway


Sunday saw cool and overcast conditions at Middle Park – perfect for some fast roadwalking with VRWC and AV races on offer.

The first events to kick off were the VRWC 20km and 10km events at 8:30AM and it was visitors Alana Barber (NZL) and Heather Lewis (GBR) who led the way with what started out as a casual training session but ended up as two very impressive walks as they kicked the pace down to finish with 1:40:35 and 1:42:35 respectively. Andrew Jamieson was also on target for a good time early but a troublesome back forced him out at the 19km mark. Kelly Ruddick was also in fine form, storming through the 10km in an excellent 47:36 – it would have been faster except for a shoe change mid race.

VRWC 20km Open Roadwalk                   
1.  Alana Barber       27:39     51:13    1:15:56    1:40:35   
2.  Heather Lewis      27:39     51:16    1:16:51    1:42:35   
3.  Andrew Jamieson    26:09     52:22    1:19:30    DNF    19km in 1:45:58

VRWC 10km Open Walk           
1.  Kelly Ruddick      23:45     47:36   
2.  Terry O'Neill      30:58   1:02:10   
3.  Karyn O'Neill      34:28   1:09:47   

The Victorian 5km Teams Roadwalks kicked off at 9:30AM, alongside VRWC 5km and 3km events, and we witnessed a great battle between 16 year olds Emmet Brasier and Kyle Swan. Emmet eventually won out with a PB 21:56, not far ahead of Kyle's 22:03. In the women's event, 14 year old Eliza Clarke dominated with her own PB of 24:53. Overall, Emmet and Eliza guided Diamond Valley Athletics Club to wins in both teams events ahead of Collingwood Harriers Club who took silver in both events. The bronze medals sent to St Kevins (men) and Western Athletics (women).
Victorian 5km Teams Roadwalk Championship – Men           
1.  Emmet Brasier      DIV    21:56    10
2.  Adam Garganis      COL    23:08     8
3.  Jason Kozica       STK    23:24     7
4.  Stuart Kollmorgen  COL    24:17     6
5.  Bernie Keirl       DIV    28:39     5
6.  David Armstrong    DIV    30:35     4
7.  Bob Gardiner       COL    32:14     3
8.  Patrick Noonan     STK    33:20     2
9.  Gerald Sofianos    STK    34:58     1
    David Smyth        COL    DNS       -
Teams Placings           
1.  DIV    19    10,5,4   
2.  COL    17    8,6,3   
3.  STK    10    7,2,1   
Victorian 5km Teams Roadwalk Championship – Women           
1.  Eliza Clarke       DIV    24:53    10
2.  Michelle Laufer    COL    26:53     8
3.  Pam Tindal         ANW    26:53     -
4.  Lauren Collis      DIV    27:49     7
5.  Taylor Langford    DIV    30:31     6
6.  Emily Noonan       COL    31:27     5
7.  Robyn Shaw         WES    32:38     4
8.  Carolyn Rosenbrock ANW    33:31     -
9.  Clare Garganis     COL    35:04     3
10. Sandra Howorth     VMA    36:39     -
11. Janice Hodgart     WES    37:41     2
12. Brenda Cashin      WES    42:27     1
Teams Placings           
1.  DIV    23    10,7,6   
2.  COL    18    8,5,3   
3.  WES     7    4,2,1   

VRWC 5km Roadwalk   
1.  Kyle Swan          22:03
2.  Caitlin Campbell   31:18
3.  Julia Irons        31:36
4.  Barrie Wicks       39:20
VRWC 3km Roadwalk   
1.  Tom Dawson         18:11
2.  Georgia Clarke     18:48

The morning finished off with a VRWC 2km roadwalk which was won by Claire Noonan with 11:34.
VRWC 2km Roadwalk   
1.  Claire Noonan      11:34
2.  Charlotte Hay      11:44
3.  Angus Hay          14:34

Thanks to all our regular helpers. My apologies if I missed anyone.

Officials: Tim Erickson, Ralph Bennett, Damien Elms, Bob Gardiner, Terry Swan
Judges: Peter Vysma (chief), Judy Mason, Stuart Cooper
Canteen: Marlaine Stanway, Wendy Cooper


Our VRWC summer season continued last week with a series of track races last Wednesday evening at the Collingwood Harriers track in Clifton Hill. Conditions were pretty good and we saw some great performances. Adam Garganis powered through the 10,000m in a PB of 45:56, Jemima Montag walked a WJ qualifying 5000m with 23:09 and Emmet Brasier and Eliza Clarke powered through the 3000m in 13:36 and a PB 13:55 respectively. And a welcome to Paul Moritz who used to walk many years ago and who put on a good exhibition, covering the 3000m in 19:37.

5000m Track Walk
1.  Montag, Jemima      23:09
2.  Kozica, Jason       23:13
3.  Kollmorgen, Stuart  23:39
4.  Szirom, Megan       24:04
5.  Laufer, Michelle    25:13
6.  Dickenson, Russ     30:10
7.  Gardiner, Bob       31:47
3000m Track Walk
1.  Brasier, Emmet      13:36
2.  Clarke, Eliza       13:55   PB 0:21
3.  Swan, Kyle          14:00
4.  Walmsley, Reese     14:20
5.  George, Stephanie   15:21
6.  Langford, Taylor    16:49   PB 0:02
7.  Noonan, Emily       18:25
8.  Moritz, Paul        19:37

10,000m Track Walk
1.  Garganis, Adam      45:56   PB 0:08
2.  Evans, Simon        56:20
3.  Keirl, Bernie       59:47
1500m Track Walk
1.  Kozica, Jason       06:38
2.  Walmsley, Hayden    07:30
3.  Noonan, Claire      08:22
4.  Simpson, Jessica    08:29
5.  Holmes, Molly       08:57
6.  Holmes, Charlotte   09:04
7.  Smith, Hannah       09:05
8.  Homewood, Lachlan`  09:41
9.  Homewood, Liam      09:48
10. Dickson, Charlee    10:03
11. Szirom, Riley       11:21

Thanks to our officials. Sorry if I have missed anyone.

Officials: Tim Erickson, Damien Elms, Terry Swan, Simon Baker   
Judges: Judy Mason (Chief), Peter Vysma, Stuart Cooper, Matt Owen   


Our VRWC Summer Season roadwalk championships were severely thwarted on Sunday by a combination of factors – torrential rain overnight and continuing into Sunday morning, along with complex road closures for a big Melbourne funrun that isolated Middle Park and kept traffic out of the area. Talk about making it tough for us. Thanks to the 16 walkers who did make it down but understood for all the others who just decided it was all too hard!

Solid walks by our 20km walkers in the rain and well done to Terry O'Neill for his win in the Gus Theobold Trophy. Walk of the day had to go to 16 year old Emmett Brasier who walked a fantastic PB time of 46:02 in the Open 10km event. It was a great double for him as he had completed the 2000m walk at Shield the day before in a PB 8:05. Others to do well included Reese Walmsley (24:38) and Eliza Clarke (14:20). And finally a special mention to Angus Hay who walked a big PB to win the U12 Boys club championship 1.5km.

20km Open Men Gus Theobald Trophy
1.  Terry O'Neill       2:07:24
    Bernie Keirl        DNF

20km Open
1.  Andrew Jamieson     1:46:55    
2.  Karyn O'Neill       2:22:32

10km Masters Women Heather Carr Trophy
    Megan Szirom        DNF

10km Open
1.  Emmet Brasier         46:02    PB 0:47
2.  Mark Donahoo          56:34
3.  Bob Gardiner        1:09:31

5km U20 VRWC Championship
1.  Reese Walmsley        24:38
2.  Kyle Swan             24:57

3km U15 VRWC Championship    
1.  Hayden Walmsley       16:14

1.  Eliza Clarke          14:20

3km Open    
1.  Tony Doran            20:44

1.5km U12 VRWC Championship
1.  Angus Hay             12:10

1.  Ruby Paten            08:18
2.  Charlotte Hay         08:25

It was a day when we had almost as many officials and judges as competitors. Thanks to the following – apologies if I missed anyone.

Officials: Bob Gardiner, Harry Summers, Tim Erickson, Mark Donahoo, Damien Elms, Marlaine Stanway, Tony Doran
Judges: Stuart Cooper (chief), Peter Vysma, Ralph Bennett, Lloyd Nichols, Michael Bodey
Photos: Terry Swan
Canteen: Kate Suich, Wendy Cooper


Our VRWC 2014/2015 summer season kicked off on Sunday 26 October with our usual selection of roadwalks on offer at Middle Park. I wasn't able to be there but Peter Vysma tells that that it was a cool and cloudy morning with a little wind, the sun finally breaking through the clouds as the 20km finished. Numbers were very small but there were some good times overall, especially since some of the walkers had competed in either the 5000m or 3000m Shield walks the day before.

Simon Evans was our only 20km walker, recording 2:03.54, but the action was all going on over the shorter 10km and 5km distances. 16 year old Diamond Valley walker Emmett Brasier walked his first ever 10km for an excellent 46:49, showing that he will be in the mix come the 2015 World Youth trials next year. 17 year old Adam Garganis was not far behind, recording his own good time of 47:36. Team mate Stuart Kollmorgen also broke the 50 minute barrier with 49:36 for third. Megan Szirom is also in good form following her move from Adelaide back to Melbourne, recording 51:42. It was also good to see Russ Dickenson back on the road after his long European holiday. Welcome back Russ!

In the 3km walk, it was great to see 16 year old Jemima Montag back on the road after a big competition break after this year's World Cup in Taicang, way back in May. She recorded a time of 23:39, just outside the 2015 World Youth standard, and is expected to fight out the trial with Queenslander Clara Smith next March.

20km Open
1.  Simon Evans        2:03:54
10km Open
1.  Emmett Brasier       46:49    First one
2.  Adam Garganis        47:36
3.  Stuart Kollmorgen    49:36
4.  Megan Szirom         51:42
5.  Mark Donahoo         56:55
6.  David Smyth          57:25
7.  Heather Carr       1:00:09
8.  Bernie Keirl       1:01:30
9.  Donna Elms         1:07:23

5km Open
1.  Jason Kozica         23:39
2.  Kyle Swan            29:40
3.  Russ Dickenson       31:30
4.  Celia Johnson        35:32

3km Open
1.  Jemima Montag        13:58
2.  Philippa Huse        15:40
3.  Liz Feldman          18:16
4.  Claire Garganis      20:58
1.  Charlotte Hay        12:04               

Thanks to our officials and judges – sorry if I missed anyone.

Judges:     Peter Vysma (C), Lloyd Nichols, Michael Bodey, Stuart Cooper
Officials:  Bob Gardiner, Marlaine Stanway, Mark Donahoo, Damien Elms