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VRWC Results - Summer Season 2017/2018


The Summer Season occurs between October and March and coincides with the long hot Australian summer. The emphasis in on track walking and most races are over the shorter track distances. There is also a strong walking presence in the 'Interclub' Track Competition with all Athletics Teams fielding walkers in their regular competitions.

For this reason, VRWC only holds a small number of events during this period.


AV Shield Round 4 completed with 5000m and 3000m walks at the George Knott Athletics Track in Clifton Hill last Wednesday evening. Conditions were perfect for the 7PM start and Rhydian Cowley led from start to finish to record an excellent 5000m time of 19:55.9. PBs to Madeleine Feain and Claire Samanna and lots of good walks overall.

AV 5000m Walk
1.  Cowley, Rhydian        M     GLENHUNTLY A        19:55.9
2.  Garganis, Adam         M     COLLINGWOOD         23:03.1
3.  Kozica, Jason          M     ST KEVIN'S A        23:03.5
4.  Henderson, Rebecca     W     MENTONE ATHL        23:47.7
5.  Feain, Madeleine       W     KEILOR ST BE        29:52.7    PB 1:13
6.  Van Dongen, Rupert     M     MENTONE ATHL        29:55.5
7.  Samanna, Claire        W     COLLINGWOOD         30:18.1    PB 1:56

AV 3000m Walk
1.  Dynes, William         M     DIAMOND VALL        15:26.8
2.  Beveridge, Heath       M     WESTERN ATHLETICS   15:44.0
3.  Geisler, Sandra        W     RINGWOOD ATH        15:57.4
4.  Donahoo, Mark          M     ATHLETICS ESSENDON  16:02.1
5.  Smyth, David           M     COLLINGWOOD         16:17.3
6.  Evans, Simon           M     BOX HILL ATH        16:38.8
7.  Keirl, Bernie          M     DIAMOND VALL        17:12.4
8.  Rosenbrock, Carol      W     ATHLETICS NU        17:26.3
9.  Bennett, Ralph         M     GLENHUNTLY A        17:59.9
10. Carr, Heather          W     GLENHUNTLY A        18:25.8
11. Elms, Donna-Marie      W     PRESTON ATHL        18:56.1
12. Dunstone, Phillip      M     WESTERN ATHLETICS   19:26.8
13. Riddoch, Clyde         M     ATHLETICS WAVERLEY  19:42.2
14. Dickenson, Russel      M     VICTORIAN MA        19:50.3
15. Cashin, Brenda         W     WESTERN ATHLETICS   22:57.1
16. Howorth, Sandra        W     GLENHUNTLY A        23:42.1
17. Anderson, Brian        M     ATHLETICS ESSENDON  DQ

VRWC 3000m Walk
1.  Young, Grace           F    COLLINGWOOD-LA       17:20.1
2.  Feain, Madeleine       F    VRWC                 17:39.9    PB 0:40
3.  Bird, Kyle             M    MORNINGTON PENINS    15:22.3

VRWC 1500m Walk                
1.  Young, Mikaila         F    COLLONGWOOD-LA       07:43.4
2.  Briet, Brianna         F    CASEY CARDINIA       07:41.5

Thanks as always to our many judges, officials and helpers. Alpologies if I have missed anyone.

Judges: Peter Vysma (chief), Stuart Cooper, Shane Dickson, Judy Mason
Officials: Mark Donahoo, Tim Erickson, Ralph Bennett, Bob Hallett, Brendan Ferrari, Lavinia Petrie
Lapscorers: many! 


Our first VRWC roadwalks for the summer were held at our headquarters at Middle Park on Sunday morning, in pleasant sunny conditions, but with a wind that gradually strengthened during the morning. Good to see 31 walkers in action. A number of our top walkers were in action but for training sessions rather than flat out races. Excellent 15km by Mark Blackwood (1:15:20).  3km PBs by Dee Holohan (19:45) and Alannah Dingli (20:35).

VRWC 20km Walk
1.  Quentin Rew           Open     1:35:34
VRWC 15km Walk
1.  Mark Blackwood        M40-59   1:15:20
2.  Kyle Swan             Open     1:19:23
3.  Jason Kozica          Open     1:19:24
4.  Albin Hess            M40-59   1:42:09
VRWC 10km Walk
1.  Jemima Montag         Open       51:22
1.  Adam Garganis         Open       47:30
2.  Pramesh Prasad        M40-59     49:25
3.  David Smyth           M40-59   1:01:44
4.  Mark Donahoo          M40-59   1:03:23
5.  Ross Reid             M60+     1:05:27
VRWC 5km Walk
1.  Charlotte Hay         U14        28:04
2.  Paige De Lisen        Open       30:24
3.  Kathleen O'Mahony     Open       31:40
4.  Donna-Marie Elms      M40-59     32:43
5.  Heather Carr          M60+       33:31
6.  Karyn O'Neill         M60+       33:49
7.  Gwen Steed            M60+       35:52
1.  Will Thompson         Open       25:06
2.  Heath Beveridge       Open       30:59
VRWC 3km Walk
.  Dee Holohan           M40-59     19:45    PB 0:18
2.  Alannah Dingli        Open       20:35    PB 0:12
3.  Isabella Dingli       Open       21:17
4.  Merilyn Thompson      M40-59     23:12
5.  Sandra Howorth        M40-59     23:35
1.  Corey Dickson         Open       15:20
2.  Luke Epps             U12        16:33
3.  Simon Evans           M40-59     16:55
4.  Angus Hay             U14        19:10
5.  Sebastian Weickhardt  U12        20:34    First one
VRWC 2km Walk
1.  Beverly Hugo          M60+       16:41

Thanks as always to our officials, helpers and judges. Apologies if I have missed anyone

Officials: Ralph Bennett, Tim Erickson, Mark Donahoo, Terry Swan
Judges: Peter Vysma (chief), Stuart Cooper, Mark O’Mahony, Shane Dickson
Canteen: Donna Elms


Round 2 of the AV Shield competition was completed last Wednesday evening, with 5000m and 3000m walks on offer as part of the VRWC meet at the George Knott Athletics Track in Clifton Hill. A good turnout of 44 walkers ensured lots of good racing on a warm Melbourne evening.

The 10,000m walk was first up at 6:30PM, with Quentin Rew taking fastest time with 44:33, ahead of junior walkers Jemima Montag, Kyle Swan and Bec Henderson. The 5000m and 3000m walks kicked off at 7PM, with Adam Garganis well in control in the 5000m and doing a fine 21:33.6 ahead of Jason Kozica (23:29.4). Stuart Kollmorgen was quickest in the 3000m with 15:16, ahead of William Dynes (15:40).

VRWC 10,000m Walk
1.  Rew, Quentin           M  VRWC                44:33
2.  Montag, Jemima         W  VRWC                48:56
3.  Swan, Kyle             M  VRWC                49:42
4.  Henderson, Rebecca     W  VRWC                53:09
    Howorth, Sandra        W  VRWC                DQ

AV 5000m Walk
1.  Garganis, Adam         M  COLLINGWOOD         21:33.6
2.  Kozica, Jason          M  ST KEVIN'S A        23:29.4
3.  Prasad, Pramesh        M  COLLINGWOOD         24:20.2
4.  Bertei, Frank          W  INVITATIONAL        25:55.2
5.  Jamieson, Andrew       M  OLD SCOTCH C        28:57.8
6.  Van Dongen, Ruper      M  MENTONE ATHL        30:20.5
7.  Samanna, Claire        W  COLLINGWOOD         32:14.9
8.  Elms, Donna-Marie      W  PRESTON ATHL        34:27.3
9.  Barrow, Geoff          M  MENTONE ATHL        35:25.3

AV 3000m Walk
1.  Dynes, William         M  DIAMOND VALL        15:40.0
2.  Beveridge, Heath       M  WESTERN ATHLETICS   16:06.7
3.  Geisler, Sandra        W  RINGWOOD ATH        16:11.9
4.  Hay, Charlotte         W  KNOX ATHLETIC CLUB  16:20.6
5.  Donahoo, Mark          M  ATHLETICS ESSENDON  16:24.5
6.  Smyth, David           M  COLLINGWOOD         16:31.1
7.  Feain, Lachlan         M  KEILOR ST BE        16:59.5
8.  Keirl, Bernie          M  DIAMOND VALL        17:39.1
9.  Rosenbrock, Carol      W  ATHLETICS NU        18:06.7
10. hay, Angus             M  KNOX ATHLETIC CLUB  18:14.0
11. Dunstone, Phillip      M  WESTERN ATHLETICS   18:21.2
12. Anderson, Brian        M  ATHLETICS ESSENDON  18:48.3
13. Carr, Heather          W  GLENHUNTLY A        18:53.3
14. Briet, Brianna         W  CASEY CARDIN        19:11.1
15. Imbriano, Joel         M  ST KEVIN'S A        19:32.9
16. Murfett, Grant         M  VICTORIAN MA        20:01.0
17. Riddoch, Clyde         M  ATHLETICS WAVERLEY  20:04.4
18. Dickenson, Russel      M  VICTORIAN MA        20:22.7
19. McGougan, Tracy        W  KEILOR ST BE        20:25.9
20. Steed, Gwen            W  GLENHUNTLY A        20:29.9
21. Hodgart, Janice        W  WESTERN ATHLETICS   20:31.0
22. Gardiner, Robert       M  COLLINGWOOD         22:26.3
23. Parker, Fabienne       W  BRUNSWICK AT        23:52.3
24. Cashin, Brenda         W  WESTERN ATHLETICS   23:53.7
25. Sofianos, Gerald       M  ST KEVIN'S A        24:07.2
26. Rickard, Tess          W  BRUNSWICK AT        24:42.7
    Rickard, Ian           M  BRUNSWICK AT        DNF

VRWC 5000m Walk
1.  Tindal, Pam            W  VRWC                28:07
2.  Feain, Gerard          M  VRWC                32:40

VRWC 3000m Walk
1.  Kollmorgen, Stuart     M  VRWC                15:16

Thanks to all our officials and helpers and judges.
Terry Swan has his usual great event photos at https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.10155705569613911