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Results - State League 2002/2003


State League pits our top men and women walkers against each other in a regular competition over distances of 3000m and 5000m. There are 10-12 rounds spread across the summer and most are on Thursday evenings - a timeframe promising optimal racing conditions. It is a competition not be be missed and I look forward to reporting the latest encounters each week.


A lot of us have been waiting for some time now to see the elite State League competition get underway and the early signs are good. The standard was very high for the start of the season and the younger walkers are at the forefront. In the mens walk, Chris Erickson headed out fast to a big lead and then held off a fast finishing Travis Middlemiss. Of the next group. Michael Beaton-Wells outsprinted Andy Jamieson and Colin Heywood for third. There were a number of PBs but Colin Heywood’s 7 second best came 2 days before his wedding and was my pick as best performance.
In the womens race, Kellie Wapshott was too good for the rest of the field but once again times overall were good. It was great to see youngster Emma Gray having her first State League walk and doing a PB. That’s what it all about.

1. ERICKSON, Chris       ATE  13:10
2. MIDDLEMISS, Travis    AEA  13:13 (PB – 8 secs)
3. BEATON-WELLS, Michael APS  13:20 (PB – 6 secs)
4. JAMIESON, Andrew      APS  13:24
5. HEYWOOD, Colin        YAR  13:26 (PB – 7 secs)
6. KENNEDY, Paul         MUU  13:53
7. KNOX, Duncan          ATE  13:55
8. REID, Ross            GTY  13:56
9. BARNES, Thomas        GTY  14:28

1. WAPSHOTT, Kellie      AEA  13:49
2. MULDOON, Wendy        BOH  14:01
3. PETERS, Megan         BAY 14:10
4. BONNEY, Kylie         AEA  14:38
5. GLEICH, Roisin        MUU  15:22
6. GRAY, Emma            GER  15:40 (PB – 7 secs)
7. JACOBS, Fauve         GER  16:08
8. GIRGIN, Ezo           YAR  16:42

Walkers of the Round     Colin Heywood and Emma Gray


The first 5000m of the season and the first appearance of Ballarat based Jared Tallent. Jared shot immediately to the lead, closely followed by Chris Erickson and the rest hung back and let them go. His final time of 21:40 omens well for the All Schools Australian Title in Hobart in early December. Chris Erickson hung on well to be only 1 second outside his PB.  Paul Van Kopplen made a welcome return to competition and walked very strongly for his 22:28 while Travis Middlemiss did yet another PB – this time by 36 secs! Andrew Cochrane and Stuart Kollmorgen had their first State League walks and both did PBs – welcome additions to the field.
In the womens walk, Kellie held back early but came through the field to record another  win over Wendy and Megan. Nardene Loveday is showing the benefits of a good winter season and celebrated with a time some 64 secs faster than she walked last summer.

1. Jared Tallent        Western Suburbs     21:40
2. Chris Erickson       Athletics Essendon  22:21
3. Paul Van Kopplen     Ringwood United     22:28
4. Travis Middlemiss    Athletics Eastside  22:45 (PB – 36 secs)
5. Michael Beaton-Wells Aps United          23:10
6. Frank Bertei         Athletics Eastside  23:23
7. Duncan Knox          Athletics Essendon  23:41
8. Colin Heywood        Ivanhoe Yarra       23:48
9. Thomas Barnes        Glenhuntly          24:09
10. Andrew Cochrane     Aps United          25:04 (PB – 11 secs)
11. Stuart Kollmorgen   Ivanhoe Yarra       26:39 (PB)

1. Kellie Wapshott      Athletics Eastside  23:47
2. Wendy Muldoon        Box Hill            23:55
3. Megan Peters         Bayside             24:10
4. Kylie Bonney         Athletics Eastside  25:45
5. Nardene Loveday      Ivanhoe Yarra       25:53 (PB – 64 secs)
6. Erin Adamcewicz      Athletics Essendon  26:34
7. Roisin Gleich        MUU                 27:00

Walkers of  the Round   Travis Middlemiss and Nardene Loveday.


It was the yearly trek to Geelong for State League and again it was the young walkers to the fore and Jared Tallent had another good win. Chris Erickson and Paul Van Kopplen improved on their times in Round 1 as did Travis Middlemiss who took a further 4 secs off his PB. Jamie Barnes had his first State League for the summer and did a real scorcher for what must have been a  huge PB. Rob Jones of Ballarat also had his first State League this summer and also did a sharp time.

1. Tallent, Jared       WSB  12:41
2. Erickson, Chris      ATE  12:59
3. Van Kopplen, Paul    RWU  13:00
4. Middlemiss, Travis   AEA  13:09 (PB – 4 secs)
5. Beaton-Wells, Michel APS  13:30
6. Barnes, Jamie        GLG  13:39 (PB – at least 20 secs?)
7. Heywood, Colin       IVY  13:56
8. Jones, Robert        IVY  14:03
9. Kennedy, Paul        MUU  14:03
10. Knox, Duncan        ATE  14:12
11. Blood, Andrew       WSB  15:23

Megan Peters confirmed her recent good form with a 6 second PB. Rachel Loone also raced very well for 15:01 and it was good to see Erin Adamcewicz continuing to get her times down after various setbacks.

1. Peters, Megan        BAY  13:45 (PB – 6 secs)
2. Bonney, Kylie        AEA  14:43
3. Loone, Rachael       GLG  15:01
4. Adamcewicz, Erin     ATE  15:15
5. Jacobs, Fauve        GLG  16:54

Walkers of the Round:   Travis Middlemiss and Megan Peters


Once again, a night of top performances. Chris Erickson  led out early with Travis Middlemiss hot on his heels and it was not until after the 3km mark that Travis faded and Paul Van Kopplen started to catch them. Paul took the lead with 2 laps to go and went on to record a fine win and hold out Chris. Chris and Travis were rewarded with PBs. Michael Beaton-Wells held out a fast finishing Frank Bertei while Andy Cochrane recorded yet another PB and did his first State League 5000m walk qualifier.

1. Van Kopplen, Paul     Ringwood United     22:10.30
2. Erickson, Chris       Athletics Essendon  22:12.90 (PB – 9 secs)
3. Middlemiss, Travis    Athletics Eastside  22:29.10 (PB – 16 secs)
4. Beaton-Wells, Michael Aps United          23:03.30
5. Bertei, Frank         Athletics Eastside  23:04.60
6. Knox, Duncan          Athletics Essendon  23:33.30
7. Barnes, Jamie         Geelong             24:00.40
8. Kennedy, Paul         MUU                 24:01.80
9. Cochrane, Andrew      Aps United          24:52.10 (PB – 10 secs)
10. Kollmorgen, Stuart   Ivanhoe Yarra       25:48.90 (PB?)

The womens race was hotly contested with Kellie, Wendy and Megan all having their chances. Eventually it was Kellie who came through but the big walk of the night was by Megan who is in great form and had another PB.  Bridgette Burns had her first serious 5000m race and her time must also have been a PB. It was an impressive first up by the young Geelong walker. Nardene Loveday, like last week, recorded another big PB – showing the benefits of a solid winter season.

1. Wapshott, Kellie      Athletics Eastside  23:31.70
2. Muldoon, Wendy        Box Hill            23:40.90
3. Peters, Megan         Bayside             23:42.70 (PB – 17 secs)
4. Burns, Bridgitte      Geelong             24:45.60 (PB?)
5. Bonney, Kylie         Athletics Eastside  25:00.10
6. Loveday, Nardene      Yarra               25:56.70 (PB – 30 secs)
7. Gleisler, Sandra      Ringwood United     26:40.90
8. Girgin, Ezo           Yarra               28:21.60
9. Catling, Sarah        Athletics Eastside  28:35.10

Walkers of the round     Chris Erickson and Megan Peters


An early week forecast of soaring temperatures was thankfully amended and sunny warm conditions rather than scorching heat greeted competitors. The crowd was huge based on the news that Cathy Freeman was going to run so walkers were able to show our sport off to the general population for a change.
Once again, Jared and Chris led out but Frank Bertei was not far in arrears and caught and passed Jared as Chris slowed. Eventually Jared prevailed by a couple of seconds before his local Ballarat crowd and Frank found out after the race that he had incurred the local judges’ displeasure. Jamie Barnes did yet another great time and is having a wonderful season. Danny Hawksworth swapped the Olympic Park microphone for the track and turned the tables on fellow Essendon walker Duncan Knox with a fine first up 14:15. Grant Saunders had his first serious walk in some years now and will improve on his first up time.

1. Tallent, Jared        Western Suburbs     13:06.74
2. Erickson, Chris       Athletics Ess       13:24.23
3. Barnes, Jamie         Geelong             13:51.27
4. Reid, Ross            Glenhuntly          14:07.71
5. Hawksworth, Daniel    Athletics Ess       14:15.04 (INVIT)
6. Heywood, Colin        Ivanhoe Yarra       14:17.48
7. Knox, Duncan          Athletics Ess       14:19.37
8. Jones, Robert         Ivanhoe Yarra       14:24.23
9. Saunders, Grant       Doncaster           16:35.26
   Bertei, Frank         Athletics Eastside  DQ
   Middlemiss, Travis    Athletics Eastside  DQ

Megan Peters headed off with Jared and Chris and was always going to win – the question was just by how much. Her time of 13:53 was only 8 secs outside her PB and was excellent in the conditions. Kylie Bonney and Rachel Loone also walked very well and are gradually getting into top shape once again.

1. Peters, Megan         Bayside             13:53.91
2. Bonney, Kylie         Athletics Eastside  14:47.98
3. Loone, Rachael        Geelong             15:01.73
4. Adamcewicz, Erin      Athletics Ess       15:46.38

Walkers of the round     Jamie Barnes and Megan Peters


With the Australian Open Tennis in full flight, the State League was moved from Olympic Park to the Doncaster Track and ideal conditions meant fast times. After an early battle between Paul van Kopplen and Chris Erickson, Paul cleared out to win with a season best time of 21:45 while Frank Bertei stormed home to just pip Chris. All 3 recorded excellent times and with Jared Tallent and Duane Cousins thrown in as wild cards, the Vic champs look very interesting. Travis Middlemiss was too good for the rest of the field and also broke 23 mins with another steady walk.

1. van Kopplen, Paul     Ringwood United     21:45.00
2. Bertei, Frank         Athletics Eastside  22:06.20
3. Erickson, Chris       Athletics Essendon  22:08.90 (PB – 4 secs)
4. Middlemiss, Travis    Athletics Eastside  22:42.40
5. Beaton-Wells, Michael APS                 23:43.70
6. Jamieson, Andrew      APS                 23:48.90
7. Kennedy, Paul         MUAC                24:02.30
8. Heywood, Colin        Ivanhoe-Yarra       24:16.40
9. Knox, Duncan          Athletics Essendon  24:27.90
10. Kollmorgen, Stuart   Ivanhoe-Yarra       25:07.30
11. Evans, Simon         Box Hill            26:05.20

Megan Peters built up an early lead but Wendy was able to gradually peg her back to come through for another good win. Both girls once again recorded strong times. Rachael Loone is walking very consistently this summer must have been close to her best time in coming third.

1. Muldoon, Wendy        Box Hill            23:52.70
2. Peters, Megan         Bayside             23:54.20
3. Loone, Rachael        Geelong             25:18.10
4. Bonney, Kylie         Athletics Eastside  25:48.90
5. Adamcewicz, Erin      Athletics Essendon  26:49.50
6. Catling, Sarah        Athletics Eastside  27:38.70
   Wilkie, Rebecca       Athletics Eastside  27:22.30 (INVIT)

Walkers of the round     Chris Erickson and Rachel Loone


A slow start by Duane Cousins in his first State League appearance for the summer let Jared Tallent and Chris Erickson clear out to an early lead. But Duane started to apply the pressure midway and came through the field with a very evenly judged and impressive first up race. Jared maintained his early form and won with a good 12:38. Further down in the field, Paul van Kopplen was having an easier race while Michael Beaton-Wells showed good strength to record a time just outside his best.

1.  Tallent, Jared        Western Suburbs  12:38.3
2.  Cousins, Duane        Glenhuntly       12:50.0
3.  Erickson, Christopher ATE              13:02.5
4.  Van Kopplen, Paul     Ringwood         13:16.3
5.  Middlemiss, Travis    AEA              13:19.3
6.  Beaton-Wells, Michael APS              13:24.4
7.  Jamieson, Andrew      APS              13:59.4
8.  Heywood, Colin        Ivanhoe-Yarra    14:05.3
9.  Cochrane, Andrew      APS              14:21.0 INVIT
10. Reid, Ross            Glenhuntly       14:23.5
11. Hawksworth, Daniel    ATE              15:41.5
12. Blood, Andrew         Western Suburbs  15:49.9

The women staged a great race with fast times all round.  Megan Peters and Kellie Wapshott walked away from the other girls in a great show of speed and strength. Kellie eventually won out with a very good 13:34 and Megan was just behind her with a 10 sec PB. Kylie Bonney and Rachael Loone also recorded PBs with fine walks. The women are certainly showing the way so far this year.

1.  Wapshott, Kellie     AEA               13:34.8
2.  Peters, Megan        Bayside           13:35.6 (PB 10 secs)
3.  Muldoon, Wendy       Box Hill          13:48.5
4.  Bonney, Kylie        AEA               14:06.6 (PB 2 secs)
5.  Loone, Rachael L     Geelong           14:35.6 (PB)
6.  Adamcewicz, Erin     ATE               15:20.0
7.  Catling, Sarah       AEA               15:24.1 INVIT
8.  Wilkie, Rebecca      AEA               15:35.5 INVIT
9.  Gleich, Roisin Emma  MUU               15:59.0
10. Alexander, Sarah     AEA               16:29.7

Walkers of the round –  Michael Beaton-Wells and Megan Peters


An oppressive 35o meant that the scheduled 5000m walk was reduced to 3000m. The times were still slow as the walkers had to work hard against the conditions.  The field was smaller than usual due to the upcoming 10000m track walk in the Adelaide A Series meeting 2 days later.  Paul van Kopplen and Kellie Wapshott were in a class of their own as they walked away from their opposition and kept good form throughout.

1. Van Kopplen, Paul     Ringwood          13:17.1
2. Middlemiss, Travis    AEA               13:30.8
3. Beaton-Wells, Michael APS               13:43.5
4. Jamieson, Andrew      APS               13:46.0
5. Barnes, Jamie         Geelong           14:08.1
6. Kennedy, Paul G       MUU               14:09.2
7. Heywood, Colin        Ivanhoe-Yarra     14:10.5
8. Knox, Duncan          ATE               14:20.1
9. Reid, Ross            Glenhuntly        14:24.7

1. Wapshott, Kellie      AEA               13:46.5
2. Peters, Megan         Bayside           13:52.0
3. Muldoon, Wendy        Box Hill          14:07.8
4. Bonney, Kylie         AEA               14:20.7
5. Burns, Bridgitte      Geelong           15:08.3
6. Gleisler, Sandra      Ringwood          15:41.5
7. Wilkie, Rebecca       AEA               15:28.8 INVIT
8. Adamcewicz, Erin      ATE               16:26.3

Walkers of the round –  Paul van Kopplen and Kellie Wapshott


Cool conditions saw lots of PBs and Season best times in what has been the best race so far this summer. Paul went to an early lead while Jared and Chris started more conservatively. But after the first km, Jared really put the foot down and reeled off a last 2 km in just over 8 minutes to pass Paul and win convincingly. Chris held on for third in yet another PB. Further back in the field, Stuart Kollmorgen, Andrew Cochrane and Simon Evans all walked superbly for first year walkers to easily beat the the tough qualifying standard of 14:30.

1.  Tallent, Jared        Western Subs     12:21.6
2.  Van Kopplen, Paul     Ringwood         12:27.0
3.  Erickson, Chris       Athletics Ess    12:47.6 (PB – 8 secs)
4.  Beaton-Wells, Michael Aps              13:27.6
5.  Barnes, Jamie         Geelong          13:45.6
6.  Reid, Ross T          Glenhuntly       13:47.9
7.  Heywood, Colin        Ivanhoe / Yarra  13:51.8
8.  Kennedy, Paul         Muu              13:58.6
9.  Knox, Duncan          Athletics Ess    13:59.1
10. Kollmorgen, Stuart    Ivanhoe / Yarra  14:13.1 (PB – heaps!)
11. Cochrane, Andrew      Aps              14:18.9
12. Evans, Simon          Box Hill         14:20.4 (PB - 5 secs)
13. Blood, Andrew         Western Subs     15:55.1

The women’s race was just as toughly contested with even more PBs. Kellie did her best time for some years (great to see) but was still only 4 secs ahead of Megan who walked very strongly. But how about Kylie who took nearly 30 secs off her PB and has gone from a 14:30 walker to 13:43 in only a couple of months. What’s the secret Kylie? Rachel Loone is also having a great summer and is another walker improving every week. I am not sure what Sandra Geisler’s PB was but I am sure she must have done a huge PB for her time of 14:52. The Vic titles are going to be very exciting.

1.  Wapshott, Kellie      Eastside         13:24.7
2.  Peters, Megan         Bayside          13:29.0 (PB – 6 secs)
3.  Bonney, Kylie         Eastside         13:43.2 (PB – 26 secs)
4.  Muldoon, Wendy        Box Hill         13:52.0
5.  Loone, Rachael        Geelong          14:19.0 (PB – 16 secs)
6.  Burns, Bridgitte      Geelong          14:29.2
7.  Geisler, Sandra       Ringwood         14:52.5 (PB – heaps!)
8.  Wilkie, Rebecca       Eastside         15:13.5
9.  Adamcewicz, Erin      Athletics Ess    15:21.9

Walkers of the round –  Stuart Kollmorgen and Kylie Bonney


With the Canberra A Series 20 km walk coming up on Sunday morning, Jared and Chris were having a quiet night and that left Paul to take the overall points with another fine walk. But the read interest was further down the field where Simon and Stuart staged another battle in which Simon turned the tables and was victorious.

1.  Van Kopplen, Paul     Ringwood United     21:57.0
2.  Erickson, Chris       Athletics Essendon  23:08.6
3.  Beaton-Wells, Michael Aps                 23:12.7
4.  Middlemiss, Travis    Athletics Eastside  23:21.9
5.  Jamieson, Andrew      Aps                 23:38.0
6.  Heywood, Colin        Ivanhoe - Yarra     23:40.3
7.  Reid, Ross            Glenhuntly          24:34.2
8.  Kennedy, Paul         Muu                 24:37.0
9.  Knox, Duncan          Athletics Essendon  24:47.6
10. Evans, Simon          Box Hill            24:51.0 (PB)
11. Kollmorgen, Stuart    Ivanhoe - Yarra     24:57.3 (PB)

The women also seemed to have an easier night with no one really pushing it too hard. Wendy and Kellie were content to cross the line together while Sandra Geisler continued her great form of last week with another PB in third spot.

1.  Wapshott, Kellie      Athletics Eastside  24:10.7
2.  Muldoon, Wendy        Box Hill            24:10.7
3.  Gleisler, Sandra      Ringwood United     25:48.0 (PB)
4.  Wilkie, Rebecca       Athletics Eastside  26:10.7
5.  Adamcewicz, Erin      Athletics Essendon  26:46.0
6.  Catling, Sarah        Athletics Eastside  27:29.0

Walkers of the round –  Simon Evans and Sandra Geisler


This was a sizzler of a race with Jared Tallent and Daniel Thorne heading out at 1:30 lap pace. Eventually Daniel, having his first race in quite some time, broke away from Jared and looked to be heading towards an 11:40 when he received a red card at the 2 km mark. That left Jared well out in front and he came home well for a 10 second PB and a wonderful time of 11:54.4. You are really putting yourself into the top bracket when you break 12 minutes for the 3000m and Jared must have been very pleased with his final time. Disappointingly, he had only 1 watch and no electronic timing on his performance so he cannot claim a new Victorian Under 19 Country record. Nathan Deakes holds the record at 11:54.8.
Frank Bertei and Chris Erickson had a great battle before Frank won out. It was Frank’s best time for a quite a few years and for Chris, yet another PB.
Further down the field, Michael Beaton-Wells, Stuart Kollmorgena and Simon Evans were also into new territory. For Stuart and Simon, the first season is proving no hurdle and their times continue to improve at a brisk pace.

1. Tallent, Jared          Western Suburbs        11:54.4  (PB 10 secs)
2. Bertei, Frank           Athletics Eastside     12:38.6
3. Erickson, Chris         Athletics Essendon     12:40.2  (PB – 7 secs)
4. Beaton-Wells, Michael   Aps                    13:16.5  (PB – 4 secs)
5. Middlemiss, Travis      Athletics Eastside     13:18.4
6. Heywood, Colin          Ivanhoe / Yarra        13:39.6
7. Barnes, Jamie           Geelong                13:43.8
8. Kollmorgen, Stuart      Ivanhoe / Yarra        13:51.2  (PB – 24 secs)
9. Reid, Ross              Glenhuntly             13:59.3
10. Kennedy, Paul          Muu                    14:02.0
11. Knox, Duncan           Athletics Essendon     14:06.9
12. Evans, Simon           Box Hill               14:13.1  (PB – 7 secs)

Megan Peters went out at a very fast pace and built up a big lead over the rest of the field. Eventually she started to fade and just had enough to hold out a fast finishing Wendy Muldoon with both girls recording top times. Behind them, Sandra Geisler, Rebecca Wilkie and Sarah Catling all walked PBs. Overall, it was a great race to watch.

1. Peters, Megan           Bayside                13:36.4
2. Muldoon, Wendy          Box Hill               13:39.1
3. Gleisler, Sandra        Ringwood United        14:35.6  (PB – 17 secs)
4. Wilkie, Rebecca         Athletics Eastside     14:57.6  (PB – 10 secs)
5. Catling, Sarah          Athletics Eastside     15:04.1  (PB – 22 secs?)
6. Adamcewicz, Erin        Athletics Essendon     15:08.3

Walkers of the round – Jared Tallent and Sandra Geisler


With the State Champs just decided a few days earlier and with the State League finals all but decided, a number of walkers took the opportunity to have a rest and missed this last round of competition. But Daniel Thorne was not having a quiet day and walked brilliantly for a very fast 20:34. Daniel lapped the entire field and did not slow at all during the race.
Further back in the field,  Simon Evans and Andrew Cochrane continued their campaign of PBs with more good walking.

1. Thorne, Daniel      Geelong         20:34.9
2. Erickson, Chris     Athletics Ess   22:38.0
3. Heywood, Colin      Ivanhoe - Yarra 23:36.2
4. Reid, Ross          Glenhuntly      23:56.1
5. Kollmorgen, Stuart  Ivanhoe - Yarra 24:02.7
6. Kennedy, Paul       Muu             24:11.3
7. Evans, Simon        Box Hill        24:12.5  (PB 39 secs)
8. Knox, Duncan        Athletics Ess   24:32.2
9. Cochrane, Andrew    Aps             24:38.9  (PB 14 secs)

You’ve got to hand it to Wendy Muldoon. There are few better competitors around and Wendy walked a seasons best to win easily. But the walk of the week was by young Laura Gleich (Roisin’s sister) who qualified easily with a 2 minute PB. One can only ask – why didn’t she do the Vics last weekend?

1. Muldoon, Wendy      Box Hill        23:38.5
2. Gleisler, Sandra    Ringwood        25:36.4
3. Adamcewicz, Erin    Athletics Ess   25:44.6
4. Gleich, Laura       Athletics Ess   26:45.0  PB – 2  mins)

Walkers of the round – Daniel Thorne and Laura Gleich


Now that the full 12 rounds of the State League season have completed, the two State League awards can be finalised. I am still waiting for Paul van Kopplen to tally the overall points but I can confirm that Chris Erickson and Wendy Muldoon are the winners. Each walked very consistently all season and accumulated more points than any other walker.

The awards recognise the best walker in both mens and womens competition from an excellence and team perspective and Paul and I look forward to presenting the awards at the completion of the second night of State League finals on Thursday 28 March. Well done to Chris and Wendy.
                                          CLUB      CLUB PTS WALKER PTS
1.  C. ERICKSON      Ess      189 points  Essendon  64       313
2.  C. HEYWOOD       Iva/Yar  161 points  APS       55       261
3.  M. BEATON-WELLS  Aps      158 points  Iva/Yar   52       239
4.  P. Van KOPPLEN   Rw       143 points  E/side    47       203
5.  T. MIDDLEMISS    E/s      138 points  Rwood     40       143
6.  D. KNOX          Ess      124 points  M/u       40       118
7.  P. KENNEDY       M/uni    118 points  Glen      37       154
8.  J. TALLENT       W/subs   114 points  Geel      30       106
9.  R. REID          Glen     109 points  W/subs    27       114
10. J. BARNES        Geel      87 points  B/hill     9        43
11. A. JAMIESON      Aps       70 points  B/side     0         0
12. F. BERTI         E/s       65 points  Donc       0         0
13. S. KOLLMORGEN    Iva/Yar   49 points
14. S. EVANS         B/hill    43 points
15. A. COCHRANE      Aps       33 points
16. R. JONES         Iva/Yar   29 points
17. T. BARNES        Glen      26 points
18. D. COUSINS       Glen      19 points
19. D. THORNE        Geel      19 points

1.  W. MULDOON       B/hill   153 points  E/side   53       266
2.  M. PETERS        B/side   142 pionts  B/hill   47       153
3.  K. BONNEY        E/side   117 points  B/side   45       142
4.  K. WAPSHOTT      E/side   112 points  Ess      27        97
5.  E. ADAMCEWICZ    Ess       84 points  Geel     26        99
6.  S. GLEISLER      R/w       66 points  R/wood   19        66
7.  R. LOONE         Geel      65 points  M/uni     7        25
8.  B. BURNS         Geel      34 points  Yarra     6        23
9.  R. GLEICH        Mu        25 points  Don       0         0
10. S. CATLING       E/side    24 points
11. N. LOVEDAY       Yarra     23 points
12. R. WILKIE        E/side    13 points
13. L. GLEICH        Ess       13 points