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The Rules of the Victorian Race Walking Club Inc. (V.R.W.C.) are designed as the blueprint for the efficient administration of the Club. They are difficult to modify as they will only change if a General Meeting of the V.R.W.C. agrees to change in accordance with Section 31 of the Act.

The By‑Laws of the V.R.W.C.Inc are the day to day structure for efficient running of the Club and may be changed by resolution of the General Committee of the Club.

The Rules of Incorporation and By-Laws follow.

VRWC Incorporated Assn Rules

VRWC By-Laws


From time to time, VRWC creates Club Policies to guide the day to day running of the club. Examples of current club policies are attached.  

VRWC Sunsafe Policy

VRWC Public Health And Safety Policy

VRWC Public Photography Policy


Main Mission Statement 
The Victorian Race Walking Club, as a specialist club, shall promote the sport of racewalking in Victoria and conduct specialist walk races on a regular basis. 
Short Term Goals   

  1. To support Victorian racewalkers and to help them advance their skills and enjoyment in our chosen sport.
  2. To support Victorian racewalk coaches and provide a healthy and vibrant club in which their charges can compete. 
  3. To support and help develop officials and recewalk judges. 
  4. To support Athletics Victoria, Victorian Masters Athletics and Little Athletics Victoria in the provision of racewalking skills and events to their members. 
  5. To support our international racewalkers in whatever ways are appropriate. 

Long Term Goals 

  1. To continue as Australia's top specialist racewalking club. 
  2. To continue to nurture racewalkers and give them every chance to excel in their chosen sport. 


  1. The club to date has had members selected in every Australian Olympic Team since World War 2, in all but one of the Australian Commonwealth Games Teams since walking events were introduced into the Games in 1966 and in all IAAF World Race Walking Cup Australian Teams since the IAAF introduced the competition in 1979 at Eschborn, Germany. 
  2. The club boasts a current membership of 192 walkers and its membership has consistently been around the 200 mark since 2001. 
  3. The club holds weekly races at its headquarters in Middle Park with fields of 70-100 walkers. 

The Victorian Racewalking Club was formed in 1921 and has operated continuously since then.