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Last updated 15 April 2020

Athletics Australia maintains a very comprehensive Records page at https://www.athletics.com.au/info-hub/results-rankings-records/#records. This page contains a full listing of all current Australian records, as well as the various record application forms.

Australian racewalking records used to be more extensive than currently listed. In 2003, Athletics Australia quietly decommissioned a number of categories. Shown below is what the record list used to look like. These decommissioned records are shown with an *.

This is indeed a sad loss of history. Luckily Australian State records are still more extensive so some of these categories are still on the books at State level.

Yes, there are a number of differences in State and National records. For instance

  • Victorian records are 'age on the day' but Australian records are 'age at 31st December of the current year'.
  • Victoria only recognises track walk records but Australia recognises both track and road.
  • Victoria recognises additional categories like the 1 Hour Walk, the 1500m track walk, etc.

Below is the list of current Australian records. The older decommissioned records (shown with an *) were maintained by me for a few years but I eventually dropped them as they have been bettered in many cases and no longer exist as Australian records so can't be claimed.

It takes a fair bit of preliminary work and then a fair bit of post-race paperwork if you are going to successfully apply for an Australian record. As per Michelle James of the AA Competition Dept (as of August 2013), you must ensure that all necessary IAAF standards are met, including:

  • The race must be a properly gazetted event
    The course (if road) must have been measured by an approved Athletics Australia/AIMS course measurer
    There must be at least 3 competitors in the race, of the same gender and racing over the same distance
    There must be at least 3 official timekeepers timing the race
    Three watches are required on the record finish time (if event is hand timed)
    A properly consituted panel of suitably qualified racewalk judges must be in attendance.

It may have changed since then. There may also be drugs testing requirements. AA can advise on that.

Record application forms are available at at https://www.athletics.com.au/info-hub/results-rankings-records/#records.