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VRWC Results - Summer Season 2007-2008


The Summer Season occurs between October and March and coincides with the long hot Australian summer. The emphasis in on track walking and most races are over the shorter track distances. There is also a strong walking presence in the 'Interclub' Track Competition with all Athletics Teams fielding walkers in their regular competitions.

For this reason, VRWC only holds a small number of events during this period.


Our final Albert Park roadwalks for the summer were held last Sunday and 44 walkers enjoyed cool and overcast conditions with a little wind. The longest event of the day, the 20 km, turned out to be a great event to watch, with Sydney based club member Justi Roseman, down on holidays, going on an early lead and looking set for a good win. But as she faded slightly in the last few laps. Terry O'Neill came storming home and caught her with 200m to go. It was Justi's best 20 km walk for some years and shows that she is whipping herself back onto good racing shape. And how about these 2 photos of Terry O'Neill, taken 30 years apart. You can't half tell it's the same walker. And special thanks to Stuart Cooper for all the photos that are included in this week's newsletter.

Open 20 km Walk
1. Terry O'Neill         58:07    1:56:46
2. Justijana Roseman     56:43    1:56:56

The 10 km event saw 16 year old Rhydian Cowley take a further 10 secs off his PB with a fine solo walk of 46:37. Stuart Kollmorgen was less than 1 minute outside his PB with his walk of 48:58. And in the Masters ranks, Clarrie Jack took the honours ahead of Alan Lucs, Russ Dickenson and Murray Dickenson with an improving 57:08. Pam Tindal was the first Masters lady home with 60:05.    

Open 10 km Walk           
1. Rhydian Cowley        46:37    (PB)
2. Stuart  Kollmorgen    48:58   
3. Clarrie Jack          57:08   
4. Alan Lucas            58:37   
5. Russ Dickenson        58:56   
6. Murray Dickinson      60:00   
7. Pam Tindal            60:05   
8. Liz Feldman           64:40   
9. Rudolf Skrucany       69:50   
   Mark  Donahoo         DNF   

The 5 km event saw 16 year old Tim Girgin win in his first roadwalk for nearly a year. Welcome back Tim. The 3 km walk was won by 15 year old Filip Cosic while the 3km U15 saw Amelia Finnegan and Ashley Albert also walking fast. It is good to see our young walkers excelling.
Open 5 km walk           
1. Tim  Girgin           28:55   
2. Aaron McDonough       29:58   
3. Janet Holmes          30:06   
4. Gwen Steed            31:06   
5. Talie Collins         31:45   
6. Jason Elms            31:53   
7. Janet Morrey          34:08   
8. Barry Wicks           34:16   
9. Rudolf Skrucany       35:41   
10.Julie Challen         36:40   
11.Margaret Beaumont     37:43   
   Harlene Hercules      DNF   
Open 3 km walk           
1. Filip Cosic           16:05   
2. Anthony Doran         18:59   
3. Damien Elms           19:03   
4. Donna Elms            19:05   
5. Celia Johnson         19:08   
6. Ros Lenehan           20:57   
7. Gordon Onley          21:55   
8. Deb Lenehan           25:26   
9. Pam Mews              29:54   
Under 15 3 km walk
1. Amelia Finnegan       16:07   
. Ashley Albert          18:44   
   Adrianna Crea         DNF       

And finally, our Under 12 and Under 9 walkers were also in action with sisters Stephanie and Harley George taking dual honours. Stephanie had been battling with Andrew Hogan out in front until Andrew was forced to stop.

Under 12  2 km Walk
1. Stephanie George      11:35   
2. Cindy Collins         12:43   
3. Beth Barbour          13:01   
4. Stacey McLaren        13:40   
5. Amy Ventura           13:43   
   Andrew Hogan          DNF   
Under 9 1 km Walk
1. Harley George         06:54   
2. Kristina Collins      07:02


Last Sunday we witnessed the most eagerly awaited race on this year's Australian walking calendar – the Australian Men's 50 km roadwalking championship.

Melbourne turned on great conditions for racing – overcast and cool with a slight breeze. Proceedings got underway at 7AM with the 50 km walkers and then, as the day progressed, other shorter distance walking events were held. The crowd grew throughout the morning and by the time the 50 km walkers finished just before 11AM, a large group of spectators wase on hand to witness what was a sensational finish as the first 5 walkers all broke the Olympic A qualifying standard of 4:00:00. Add in Nathan Deakes who did not contest the event and the grand total of A qualifiers in this event is now 6. And note that they have all done it in the official trial, the ultimate test of preparation and timing. There are very few countries in the world who can boast this sort of depth over the 50 km event and this augers well for our 2008 Olympic and World Cup prospects.

The report on the AA website (http://www.athletics.org.au) gives a good summary of this blue riband event.

Tallent rises to the top
Ballarat walker Jared Tallent smashed his personal best by more than ten minutes to confirm his nomination for the Australian Olympic team with a dominant display in the Telstra Australian 50km walk championship at Albert Park this morning.
The 23-year-old produced the third fastest time ever by an Australian to stop the clock at 3:44:45, well inside his previous best of 3:55.08 and 15 minutes under the Olympic A-qualifying time of 4 hours.
Sydney 20-year-old Adam Rutter received an early 21st birthday present, easily going under the A-qualifying time, recording 3:52.49 to finish second in his debut attempt at the gruelling 50km distance.
Olympic Games 20km nominee Luke Adams carved more than 10 minutes off his lifetime best to finish third in 3:53.19 in a high quality race where the first five walkers finished inside the 4 hour standard required for Olympic Games consideration.
Veteran Duane Cousins was fourth (3:55.57) with his world championships teammate Chris Erickson fifth (3:59.02).
Winning the trial in an A-qualifier will earn Tallent automatic nomination when the Athletics Australia selectors meet tomorrow, whilst Rutter, who will celebrate his 21st birthday on Christmas eve, is expected to receive the remaining spot in what would be the ideal holiday season gift.
World champion Nathan Deakes has been pre-nominated for 50km selection and was exempted from participating in the trial.
The winning time is the 11th fastest in the world this year and is a pointer to Tallent's potential to finish inside the top ten in Beijing.  Only world record holder Deakes (3:35.37) and world cup winner Simon Baker (3:43.13) have gone faster on the Australian all-time list.
Tallent and Rutter are both coached at the Australian Institute of Sport by former Australian representative Brent Vallance and the training partners are confident they can join with Deakes to form a formidable trio in Beijing.
Tallent, the bronze medallist over 20km at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, missed selection for the 50km event in Osaka and was disqualified in the 20km when ensconced in the top six with 5km remaining.
“I was confident going into the race today and wanted to win by a long way to make up for the disappointment of not being picked for the 50k in Osaka. After what happened in Osaka, I have been working on my technique a lot and it was really solid today.  I didn?t get a report and I felt great apart from the last couple of laps (of the 2km circuit),” Tallent said.
Rutter, an Australian representative at world youth, world junior and world walk cup, only made the decision to focus on the long walk in May.
“I've only recently upped the volume in training, so this is a great result.  I played it conservatively for the first 30k or so and then it started to feel good. I had a really strong 5k between 40 and 45 and just tried to hang on to the finish,” Rutter said.
Adams, who has already secured nomination in the 20km in Beijing after finishing 7th at the world titles in Osaka, made a last minute decision to race to keep his Beijing 50km options open.  Despite finishing third, he was satisfied with the result.
“I didn't expect to finish. It was a bit of a gamble to race, and I didn't want to knock myself around but I felt good. Well done to those guys (Tallent and Rutter) and I'm happy to focus on the 20 at the Games,” Adams said.
Tallent, Rutter and Adams will take a short break to recover before setting their sights on the Australian 20km Championships and Olympic trial in Melbourne in February.

And a special mention for young Victorian walker Tom Barnes whose inaugural 50 km time of 4:11:33 was terrific. Tom had only a limited preparation after his World Universities 20 km race in August and a lot of overseas travelling. Let's hope that the AA selectors see fit to reward him with a World Cup 50 km berth. He certainly deserves it based on his potential to improve and the times he has put on the board over the last 12 months.

Now onto the actual results of the Australian and Victorian 50 km championships.

Australian 50 km Championship, 7AM
1. Jared Tallent      AIS/VIC    3:44:45 (PB)
2. Adam Rutter        AIS/NSW    3:52:49 (PB)
3. Luke Adams         AIS/NSW    3:53:19 (PB)
4. Duane Cousins      VIC    3:55:57
5. Chris Erickson     AIS/VIC    3:59:02
6. Darren Bown        SAIS    4:04:06
7. Tom Barnes         VIC    4:11:33 (PB)
8. Andrew Jamieson    VIC    4:31:29

Victorian 50 km Championship, 7AM
1. Jared Tallent      BYC    3:44:45         
2. Duane Cousins      YCW    3:55:57
3. Chris Erickson     ATE    3:59:02   
4. Tom Barnes         MUA    4:11:33
5. Andrew Jamieson    OSC    4:31:29
   Frank Bertei       ANW    DNF   

And now onto the 10 km splits – the race saw the walkers start conservatively and hit top pace around the 30 km mark – indeed it is often said that the real 50 km race starts at 30 km and that is what happened today.

Jared Tallent    AIS/VIC    45:50    44:44    44:09    43:49    46:13
Adam Rutter      AIS/NSW    47:54    46:50    46:00    45:38    46:27
Luke Adams       AIS/NSW    47:54    46:49    46:28    45:11    46:57
Duane Cousins    VIC        47:54    46:49    45:58    45:56    49:20
Chris Erickson   AIS/VIC    47:54    46:50    45:57    46:10    52:11
Darren Bown      SAIS       47:56    47:08    47:29    49:49    51:44
Tom Barnes       VIC        47:54    47:18    46:51    51:09    58:19
Andrew Jamieson  VIC        52:25    52:06    51:33    55:43    59:43
Frank Bertei     ANW        52:25    52:06    53:41    -    -

There were a number of Victorian Race Walking Club events on throughout the morning.  In the 20 km events,  Claire Woods  recorded an Olympic B qualifying time of 1.36.39 while M65 World Masters 5000m walk champion Ralph Bennett recorded 1:50:24 to set a new Australian M65 20 km Record, beating Tom Daintry's 1981 time of 1:51:18.

The juniors also raced impressively. 18 year old Jess Rothwell, fresh from her HSC examinations walked a tremendously strong, even race to record a big PB time of 47.03 and put herself right in contention for a World Cup Under 20 Women's berth. Not to be outdone, 17 year old Daniel Coleman, despite an interrupted preparation, walked a strong 44.59, his fastest road time. 16 year old Rhydian Cowley took 90 seconds of his best time to finish with 46.42 while Brendan Reading, 18, who did a sub 45 minute earlier in the year in China, recorded 46.57.

VRWC Open 20 km events
1. Claire Woods        SA      1:36:39     Olympic B qualifier
   Megan Szirom        VRWC    DNF    14 km in 1:07:30

1. Ralph Bennett       VRWC    1:50:54
   Ian Rayson          NSW     DQ    

VRWC Open 10 km events
1. Jess Rothwell       VRWC    47:03
2. Heather Carr        VRWC    60:27
3. Donna Elms          VRWC    67:58
4. Adrianna Crea       VRWC    69:28
   Lynette Bannister   TAS     DNF
   Tamara Attard       VRWC    DNF

1. Daniel Coleman      TAS     44:59
2. Rhydian Cowley      VRWC    46:42
3. Brendan Reading     ACT     46:57
4. Kyle Bryant         BGO     50:24
5. Michael Reading     ACT     53:44
6. Ross Reid           VRWC    55:06
7. Alan Lucas          VRWC    58:01
8. Murray Dickinson    VWRC    59:18
   Jason Elms          VRWC    DNF
   Brook Keys          NSW     DNF
   Paul Nunn           BALL    DNF
   Kyle Malone         NSW     DQ
   Robin Wood          VRWC    DQ

VRWC Open 5 km
1. Tyne Boddy          VRWC    28:15
2. Ayla Collins        VRWC    29:43
3. Janet Holmes        VRWC    30:50

   Clyde Riddoch       VRWC    DNF

VRWC Unjudged 5 km
1. Robin Wood          VRWC    33:11

VRWC Open 3 km
1. Gwen Steed          VRWC    18:50
2. Lana Boddy          VRWC    19:36
3. Celia Johnson       VRWC    19:53
4. Margaret Beaumont   VRWC    22:13
5. Harlene Hercules    VRWC    22:38
6. Deb Lenehan         VRWC    26:57
   Ros Lenehan         VRWC    DNF

1. Jason Elms          VRWC    17:18
2. Harold Boddy        VRWC    18:44
   Ian Beaumont        VRWC    DQ
   Gordon Onley        VRWC    DQ

VRWC U15 3 km
1. Bradley Simpson     VRWC    15:19
   Robert Walsh        VRWC    DNF

VRWC U12 2 km
1. Sarah Burren        VRWC    10:53
2. Stephanie George    VRWC    11:29
3. Stacey McLaren      VRWC    13:24

1. Lucas Taylor        VRWC    11:59

VRWC U9 1 km
1. Kristina Collins    VRWC     8:25
2. Hayley George       VRWC     8:35


Our VRWC Summer Championships were held on Sunday at Albert Park in ideal overcast and cool conditions. Just over 50 competitors made it a successful day and we say some spirited racing for the club medals on offer in the various events. Tom Barnes made a meal of the Open Men's championship, walking a very quick 89:31 to win the 20 km event ahead of his coach and training partner Frank Bertei who also impressed with 98:05. Pam Tindal won the Masters Women 10 km championship with a fast 57:29 ahead of Masters maestro Brenda Riley, having her first competition walk in a fair while. Brenda, now in the W65 division, impresses as usual with 58:12. And a special mention to Megan Szirom whose 10 km time of 46:48 was not far outside her PB and followed a hard race over 2000m the day before.

VRWC Open Men 20 km Championship – Gus Theobold Trophy
1. Barnes, Tom             44:46    89:31
2. Bertei, Frank           48:52    98:05

VRWC Masters Women 10 km Championship – Stella Murnane Trophy
1. Tindal, Pam             57:29
2. Riley, Brenda           58:12
   Irshad, Kylie           DNF

VRWC Open 10 km
1. Megan Szirom            46:48
2. Bennett, Ralph          54:32
3. Dickenson, Russ         57:30
4. Dickinson, Murray       59:46
5. Wood, Robin             70:18
   Rhydian Cowley          DNF

VRWC Open 5 km
1. Adamcewicz, Erin        28:56
2. Gardiner, Bob           29:46
3. Holmes, Janet           30:26
4. McIntyre, Gayle         31:09
5. Elms, Donna             33:32
6. Wicks, Barrie           34:31

VRWC Open 3 km
1. Dyer, Bill              16:11
2. Gwen Steed              19:18
3. Lenehan, Rosaleen       19:25
4. Elms, Damien            21:20
5. Onley, Gordon           22:16
6. Beaumont, Margaret      22:17
7. Beaumont, Ian           23:03
8. Knox, Jean              23:23
9. Lenehan, Deb            23:28

Our Junior championships were well attended with medals being presented in all age groups except for U9 Boys.

VRWC U20 5 km Championships
1. Payne, Daniel           24:29
2. Elms, Jason             31:05

1. Lamble, Regan           25:09
2. Laurie, Natalie         25:49
3. Attard, Tamara          28:06
4. Crea, Adrianna          34:09

VRWC U15 3 km Club Championships
1. Simpson, Bradley        15:35
2. Felton, Matthew         16:21

1. Burren, Amy             15:06
2. Finnegan, Amelia        15:08
3. Collins, Ayla           16:15
4. Dyer, Chelsea           16:42
5. Payne, Emily            16:56
6. Collins, Talie          17:45

VRWC U12 1.5 km Club Championships
1. Hogan, Andrew           08:15
2. Taylor, Lucas           08:39
3. McNicol-Davidson, Cody  09:35

1. Burren, Amy             07:56
2. Attard, Bianca          08:07
3. George, Stephanie       08:21
4. Collins, Cindy          08:51
5. McNicol-Davidson, Chloe 08:52
6. Barbour, Stephanie      09:14
7. Ventura, Amy            10:24

VRWC U9 1.5 km Club Championships
1. Collins, Kristina       12:38
2. Hayley George           15:05


It was a tough morning's work for those walkers who chose to double – Shield competition on Saturday and Albert Park on Sunday. The winds were just about gale force and the conditions hot and humid – Melbourne at its summery worst – the unusually high number of DNFs indicated the difficulty of walking. Our two 20 km contestants, Andrew Jamieson and Terry O'Neill, showed great determination to finish against the odds and their times were pretty good under the circumstances. Ralph Bennett and Clarrie Jack were the best of the 10 km walkers while Stuart Kollmorgen carried on from his good work at Box Hill yesterday with his 23:42 for the 5 km distance.

20 km Open
1. Andrew Jamieson      50:19    1:45:03
2. Terry O'Neill        58:40    2:02:54

15 km Open
   Megan Szirom         DNF (24:02 for 5 km)

10 km Open
1. Ralph Bennett        57:04
2. Clarrie Jack         58:58
3. Alan Lucas           60:55
4. Bob Gardiner         64:37
5. Robin Wood           67:04
   Russ Dickenson       DNF (28:02 for 5 km)
   Ross Reid            DNF (26:30 fro 5 km)
   Murray Dickinson     DNF (29:05 for 5 km)
   Rhydian Cowley       DNF (29:41 for 6 km)
   Jason Elms           DNF (35:05 for 5 km)

5 km Open
1. Stuart Kollmorgen    23:42
2. Natalie Laurie       28:29
3. Gayle McIntyre       32:57
4. Barry Wicks          34:11
5. Celia Johnson        34:12

3 km Open
1. Russ Dickenson       16:44
2. Jason Elms           18:43
3. Janet Holmes         19:58
4. Damien Elms          20:13
5. Donna Elms           20:16
6. Roseleen Lenehan     22:52
7. Gordon Onley         22:51
8. Deb Lenehan          29:04
9. Christine Griffiths  29:38

3 km Under 15
1. Brad Simpson         16:10
2. Amelia Finnegan      16:35
3. Ayla Collins         17:05
4. Ryan Antidormi       17:25
5. Chelsea Dyer         17:35
6. Talie Collins        18:25

2 km Under 12
1. Billy Allamby        11:41
2. Stephanie George     12:14
3. Lucas Taylor         12:27
4. Sophia Antidormi     13:48
5. Beth Barbour         14:05

1 km Under 9
1. Cindy Collins         6:22
2. Kristina Collins      7:49
3. Hayley George         8:08