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VRWC Results - Winter Season 2017


The Winter Season occurs between April and September and covers the Australian winter. Conditions are generally superb for road walking with mild winter temperatures, fast courses and lots of competition for all age groups.


Conditions were good for the 46 walkers who contested the various distances at Middle Park on Saturday - cool and sunny but with a freshening wind.

As usual, Quentin Rew went to the front, winning the 12km in a fast 54:57 (after a long Saturday morning training session). But he did not have it all his own way, with Jason Kozica storming home in the 5km and passing Quentin in the last km to record 22:30. Mark Blackwood wiped away the years to win the 10km with an impressive 51:04 while daughter Sophie Blackwood (our youngest competitor) walked a special 1km invitatonal race with 9:50. And at the other end of the age scale, our oldest competitors Pam Mews (aged 82) and Harry Summers and Bob Gardiner (both aged 81) all walked excellently.

12km Walk
1.  Donna-Marie Elms       40-59    1:21:49
2.  Karyn O'Neill          60+      1:27:38
1.  Quentin Rew            Open       54:57
2.  Terry O'Neill          60+      1:15:58
10km Walk
1.  Philippa Huse          U18        52:22
2.  Alison Thompson        60+      1:08:56
1.  Mark Blackwood         Open       51:04
2.  Albin Hess             40-59    1:06:37
    Bob Gardiner           60+          DNF
5km Walk
1.  Jasmin Hass            U16        29:12
2.  Kathleen O'Mahony      U16        31:20
1.  Jason Kozica           Open       22:30
2.  Pramesh Prasad         40-59      24:49
3.  Scott Nelson           40-59      27:23
4.  Heath Beveridge        U14        29:14    PB 1:34
5.  Aaron McDonough        40-59      29:28
6.  Bernie Keirl           40-59      30:19
7.  Russ Dickenson         60+        33:16

3km Walk
1.  Charlotte Hay          U14        15:57
2.  Arnika Nelson          U14        17:20
3.  Holly Cocking          U16        17:35
4.  Heather Carr           60+        17:52
5.  Marlene Gourlay        60+        18:22
6.  Brianna Briet          U14        18:39
7.  Gemma Lillie           U12        19:57
8.  Gwen Steed             60+        20:46
9.  Alannah Dingli         U14        21:35    Inaugural
10. Isabella Dingli        U16        21:59
1.  Nikolaj Djordjevic     U14        15:42
2.  Luke Epps              U10        17:14
3.  Angus Hay              U14        17:49
4.  Ralph Bennett          60+        18:45
5.  Anthony Barrett        60+        20:15
6.  Harry Summers          60+        24:01
7.  John Morrison          60+        24:37
8.  Barrie Wicks           60+        27:03
1.5km Walk
1.  Maddison Vaughan       U10         9:56
2.  Ella Cunningham        U10        11:40
3.  Pam Mews               60+        15:56
1.  Liam Hutchins          U10         8:23
2.  Eden Morgan            U12         8:50
3.  Hamish Blackwood       U10         9:02
4.  Nikita Djordjevic      U12         9:26
5.  Lucas Kent             U10         9:50
6.  Christopher Kent       40-59      12:17
1km Invitation Walk
1.  Sophie Blackwood       U10         9:50    First walk with us

Thanks to all our judges, helpers and officials. Apologies if I missed anyone.

Officials: Tim Erickson, Mark Donahoo, Simon Baker, Cathy Huse, Ralph Bennett, Bill Carr
Course Sweeping: John Morrison, Bill Carr, Heather Carr
Judges: Peter Vysma (C), Stuart Cooper, Michael Bodey, Gordon Loughnan, Brenda Felton, Kathleen Marsh
Canteen: Wendy Cooper, Kate Suich
Photos: Terry Swan (http://www.vrwc.org.au/piwigo/index.php?/category/428)
Race Splits: Ralph Bennett (http://vrwc.org.au/wp1/race-splits-laps/)


The first of the Victorian roadwalk championships was held at Middle Park on Sunday morning in perfect autumnal conditions. The only issue for the 15km walkers was the tight top turn on the 1km loop we were forced to use, due to ongoing Australian Grand Prix cleanup activities.

The women’s title went to 18 year old Jemima Montag (1:13:37), ahead of Megan Szirom (1:17:16) and 16 year old Rebecca Henderson (1:18:52). For both Jemima and Rebecca, this was their first attempt at a distance further than 10km and they both accounted for themselves well.

The men’s title went to Rio Olympian Rhydian Cowley (1:07:07), ahead of 19 year old Adam Garganis (1:07:37) and Jason Kozica (1:14:27).  Special mention must be made of both Jason and Pramesh Prasad who were never far apart and walked huge PBs.

Victorian 15km Roadwalk Championship Men
1.  Montag, Jemima           MAC     1:13:37    First one
2.  Szirom, Megan            FKN     1:17:16
3.  Henderson, Rebecca       MEN     1:18:52    First one
4.  Brennan, Sarah           BYC     1:25:34
5.  Elms, Donna-Marie        PTN     1:42:24
    Carr, Heather            GHY         DNS
    Ruddick, Kelly           BHA         DNS

Victorian 15km Roadwalk Championship Men            
1.  Cowley, Rhydian          GHY     1:07:07
2.  Garganis, Adam           COL     1:07:37
3.  Kozica, Jason            STK     1:14:27    PB 7:03
4.  Prasad, Pramesh          COL     1:14:48    PB 8:46
5.  Evans, Simon             BOH     1:27:02
6.  Hess, Albin              IND     1:47:26    First one
    Kollmorgen, Stuart       COL         DNF
    Simpson, Brad            ANW         DNF
    Walmsley, Reese          KNA         DNS

A number of VRWC races were also held, with results as shown below. NZ Rio Olympian Quentin Rew took fastest time overall in the 15km with 1:06:02. Special mentions also to Angus Hay (huge 5km PB of 30:42), Holly Cocking (3km PB of 17:14) and Alannah Upson (first time walker with us, 1.5km in 9:19).

VRWC Women 15km Club Championship - Elsie Jacobson Trophy         
1.  Brennan, Sarah           M40-59  1:25:34
2.  Elms, Donna-Marie        M40-59  1:42:24

VRWC 15km Walk                                  H’cap place            
1.  Montag, Jemima           Open    1:13:37    1
2.  Szirom, Megan            Open    1:17:16
3.  Henderson, Rebecca       U16     1:18:52    2
4.  Brennan, Sarah           M40-59  1:25:34
5.  Elms, Donna-Marie        M40-59  1:42:24    3
    O'Neill, Karyn           M60+        DNF    
1.  Rew, Quentin             Open    1:06:02    6
2.  Cowley, Rhydian          Open    1:07:07    5
3.  Garganis, Adam           Open    1:07:37    2
4.  Kozica, Jason            Open    1:14:27
5.  Prasad, Pramesh          M40-59  1:14:48    1
6.  Evans, Simon             M40-59  1:27:02    7
7.  Smyth, David             M40-59  1:27:45    4
8.  Hess, Albin              M40-59  1:47:26    3
    Kollmorgen, Stuart       M40-59      DNF    
    Simpson, Brad            Open        DNF

VWRC 10km Walk                                  H’cap place
1.  Dickenson, Russ          M60+    1:07:07    1
    Walmsley, Hayden         U18         DNF    

VRWC 5km Walk                                   H’cap place
1.  Geisler, Sandra          Open      27:20    1

1.  Blackwood, Mark          M40-59    24:17    1
2.  Hay, Angus               U14       30:43    2    PB 4:18

VRWC 3km Walk                                   H’cap place
1.  Hay, Charlotte           U14       16:00    1
2.  Nelson, Arnika           U16       16:41    4
3.  Cocking, Holly           U16       17:14    2    PB 0:12
4.  Lillie, Gemma            U12       19:19    3

VRWC 1.5km Walk                                 H’cap place
1.  Upson, Alannah           U10        9:19        First walk with us

1.  Blackwood, Hamish        U10        8:59    1

Thanks as always to our many officials. I think I captured everyone but apologies if I missed you. You are all most appreciated.

Officials: Mark Donahoo, Terry Swan, Tim Erickson, Ralph Bennett, Reese Walmsley
Judges: Gordon Loughnan (Chief), Stuart Cooper, Kathleen Marsh, Paul Nunn, David Long, Peter Vysma (DQ Board)
Drinks Table: Claire Garganis, Amanda Montag
Canteen: Wendy Cooper
Photos: Terry Swan (see http://www.vrwc.org.au/piwigo/picture.php?/21055/category/427)


The Conditions were pretty miserable for the 50 walkers who braved the elements at Middle Park on Saturday. The forecast cold change swept rhrough about 1:30PM, with a blanket of heavy rain innundating the course. Altbough most of the rain has passed by the time the first races started at 2:15PM, it was still cold and bitter, with lots of big puddles to be negotiated. With the Grand Prix cleanup not yet completed, walkers were restricted to a 1km loop once again. Luckily the races were 8km or less so it was not too bad. As I was not there, thanks to club handicapper Mark Donahoo for forwarding the results to me.

NZ Rio Olympian Quentin Rew went straight to the front, walking on his own to record fastest time of 35:02. Behind him were a group consisting of Adam Garganis, Jemima Montag, Reese Walmsley and Pramesh Prasad. While Adam and Jemima walked the full 8km, Rees and Pramesh contented themselves with the 6km race. Handicap winners are shown for each distance, alongside the actual time placings.

8km Walk                                     H’cap Place               
1.  Montag, Jemima           Open   38:35   
2.  Davison, Mackayla        U18    48:54        First one
3.  Carr, Heather            M60+   49:30    4
4.  Feain, Madeleine         Open   50:35    1    PB 2:25
5.  Elms, Donna-Marie        M40+   51:27    3
6.  O'Neill, Karyn           M60+   55:38    2
1.  Rew, Quentin             Open   35:02    5
2.  Garganis, Adam           Open   37:45    3
3.  Walmsley, Hayden         U18    44:22    6
4.  O'Neill, Terry           M60+   49:54    1
5.  Dickenson, Russ          M60+   53:37    4
6.  Moritz, Paul             M40+   54:23    2
    Gardiner, Bob            M60+   DNF   

6km Walk                                     H’cap Place               
1.  Tindal, Pam              M40+   33:07    1
2.  Rosenbrock, Carolyn      M40+   39:20    3
3.  O'Mahony, Kathleen       U16    40:13    2
1.  Walmsley, Reese          Open   28:56    2
2.  Prasad, Pramesh          M40+   28:56    1    PB 1:26
3.  Kennedy, Paul            M60+   38:10   
4.  Beveridge, Heath         U14    39:48    4
5.  Hess, Albin              M40+   40:24    3

4km Walk                H’cap Place   
1.  Knight, Cassandra        Open   22:51    1
2.  Muldoon, Wendy           M40+   23:37    3
3.  McGougan, Tracy          M40+   27:11   
4.  Steed, Gwen              M60+   27:26    2
1.  Blackwood, Mark          M40+   19:41    2
2.  Dickson, Corey           U16    20:42    3
3.  Smyth, David             M40+   21:39    1
4.  Hay, Angus               U14    24:35    5
5.  Barrow, Geoff            M60+   28:18    4
    Bennett, Ralph           M60+   DNS   

2km Walk                                     H’cap Place   
1.  Hay, Charlotte           U14    10:50    3
2.  Briet, Brianna           U14    11:45   
3.  Lillie, Gemma            U12    12:51    4
4.  Dingli, Isabella         U16    13:56    2
5.  Hugo, Beverly            M60+   16:30    1
    Farrell, Judy            M60+   DQ   
    Dingli, Alannah          U14    DNS   
1.  Prys, Joel               U12    10:43    1
2.  Epps, Luke               U12    11:10    2
3.  Barrett, Anthony         M60+   14:36    3
4.  Conboy, Bruce *          M60+   15:57   
    Feain, Gerard            M40+   DQ   
1km Walk                                     H’cap Place   
1.  Cunningham, Ella         U10    07:40    1
2.  Mews, Pam                M60+   11:02    2
    Kennedy, Alexandra       U10    DNS   
1.  Liam Hutchins            U10    05:21    3
2.  Blackwood, Hamish        U10    05:40    4
3.  Xuereb, Justin           U12    06:04    5
4.  Kent, Lucas              U12    06:58    2
5.  Perry, Keelan            U14    07:01
6.  Kent, Chris              M40+   07:17    1

Peter Vysma sent me a list of officials. Thanks to all who helped out. Apologies for any I have missed.

Officials: Mark Donahoo, Terry O'Neill, Karyn O'Neill, Ralph Bennett
Judges: Peter Vysma (Chief), Gordon Loughnan, Stuart Cooper, Mark O'Mahony, Michael Bodey
Canteen: Wendy Cooper, Wendy Cooper
Photos: Terry Swan (see http://www.vrwc.org.au/piwigo/index.php?/category/426)


The first Melbourne based road races for the winter were well supported, with 48 walkers in attendance. After a week of heavy rain, the clouds cleared a couple of days ago and conditions were good for our Saturday afternoon 2:15PM start time. With the Grand Prix Motor Race cleanup still underway, we restricted ourselves to a 1km loop. We expect to have out normal 2km course back in action in the next 1-2 weeks.

It was great to see so many new walkers registering for club membership. Special welcome to new members Ella Cunningham, Lucas Kent and Isabella Dingli who all had their first official walks with us. We also welcomed back Mark Blackwood, having his first walk with us for many years. It was also good to see part timer Kevin Cassidy back dusting off his walking shoes. And a special mention to Chris Kent who joined his son Lucas Kent in the 1.5km walk. Add to that the fact that we had 3 of our Rio Olympians present in Rhydian Cowley, Regan Lamble and Quentin Rew, as well as two of our Australian Junior reps in Adam Garganis and Kyle Swan.

Now onto our race reports. Four walkers tested themselves out over the 12km distance, with Quentin Rew (53:56) and Adam Garganis (57:06) leading the way. Philippa Huse (52:27) and Rebecca Henderson (53:06) led the 10km walkers home ahead of David Smyth (56:05). Reese Walmsley was first home in the 5km, ahead of Corey Dickson, who excelled with a PB 24:43.  Kevin Cassidy was fastest in the 3km but special mentions to Luke Epps (16:50) and Angus Hay (16:59) who had a great battle and walked very stylishly, both recording PBs. Finally Liam Hutchins (8:26) and Kayla Heikkila-Dubowik (9:10) led the 1.5km walkers home.

Open 12km Walk            
1.  Donna-Marie Elms         M40+  1:24:00
1.  Quentin Rew              Open    53:56
2.  Adam Garganis            Open    57:06
3.  Kyle Swan                Open    58:59

Open 10km Walk            
1.  Philippa Huse            Open    52:27
2.  Rebecca Henderson        U16     53:06
3.  Jasmin Hass              U16   1:02:46
4.  Madeleine Feain          Open  1:04:44    PB 0:29
1.  David Smyth              M40+    56:05
2.  Ross Reid                M60+  1:02:50
3.  Russ Dickenson           M60+  1:07:29
4.  Gunther Ilgoutz          M60+  1:14:11
    Andrew Jamieson          M60+      DNF

Open 5km Walk            
1.  Sandra Geisler           Open    28:20
2.  Cassandra Knight         Open    29:03
3.  Kathleen O'Mahony        U16     31:07
4.  Carolyn Rosenbrock       M40+    31:42
5.  Gwen Steed               M60+    34:45
1.  Reese Walmsley           Open    24:18
2.  Corey Dickson            U16     24:43    PB 0:17
3.  Mark Blackwood           M40+    25:13    First walk in many years!
4.  Hayden Walmsley          U18     26:20
5.  Connor McShanag          Open    28:43
6.  Bernie Keirl             M40+    29:09
7.  Heath Beveridge          U14     30:50    PB 1:01
8.  Albin Hess               M40+    33:30    PB 0:38
9.  Bob Gardiner             M60+    34:31
10. Anthony Barrett          M40+    34:37
11. Geoff Barrow             M60+    35:44

Open 3km Walk            
1.  Holly Cocking            U16     17:42
2.  Heather Carr             M60+    18:05
3.  Grace Louey              U14     18:49
4.  Gemma Lillie             U12     20:00
5.  Beverly Hugo             M60+    24:16
1.  Kevin Cassidy            M40+    16:47
2.  Luke Epps                U10     16:50    PB 0:33
3.  Angus Hay                U14     16:59    PB 0:23
4.  John Morrison            M60+    24:11

Open 1.5km Walk
1.  Kaylah Heikkila-Dubowik  U12     09:10
2.  Isabella Dingli          U16     10:37    First time with us
3.  Ella Cunningham          U10     12:11    First time with us
4.  Pam Mews                 M60+    16:28
1.  Liam Hutchins            U10     08:26
2.  Hamish Blackwood         U10     09:16
3.  Justin Xuereb            U12     09:56
4.  Lucas Kent               U10     11:25
5.  Gerard Feain             M40+    11:26
6.  Christopher Kent         M40+    12:49    First time with us

As always, thanks to all our judges, officials and helpers. I have probably missed a few names so apologies. Big team effort.

Judges: Peter Vysma (C), Gordon Loughnan, Michael Bodey, Stuart Cooper, Terry O'Neill
Officials: Ian Laurie, Mark Donahoo, Bill Carr, Karyn O'Neill, Kathy Huse, Tim Erickson, Michelle Walmsley
Photos: Terry Swan
Canteen: Wendy Cooper, Kate Suich

As usual, Terry Swan recorded the action with his camera – check out http://www.vrwc.org.au/piwigo/index.php?/category/425. A superb collection as usual. Thanks Terry.


The Victorian Race Walking Club and Events in Nature combined to put on the third annual Castlemaine NAB 500 Walks Meet in Castlemaine, in country Victoria, last Sunday morning. Held in the beautiful surrounds of the Castlemaine Botanical Gardens and strongly supported by local Castlemaine business and local government, it again provided a unique opportunity for our walkers to compete for significant prize money.

While the previous two editions of this race were held in sunshine, this year we were unlucky enough to encounter one of the worst weekends seen in Victoria for some time. Thankfully the rain held off until just before our final event, the Castlemaine NAB 5km, but it then settled in for the rest of the day, with the race and the subsequent presentations and post-event cleanup, all done in very wet and cold conditions. Oh well, you can’t have everything.

Being country based, the carnival drew mostly from the Ballarat, Bendigo and Geelong areas but also included a sprinking of Melbourne based walkers. The format changed this year with the 3km and 5km raaces being handicap based, with the fastest walkers in each race heading off last and having to chase. It made for some very exciting races but, alas, despite the best intentions of the handicapper (me!), the outmarkers generally prevailed.

Well done to our winners Mackayla Davison, Albin Hess, Scott Peart, Madison Vaughan and Ebony Whiley. Although all the races were exciting, the finish of the Open 5km had us all on the edge of our seats. Although Ebony Whiley, walking over a minute faster than recent form would indicate possible, had the win sewn up, the second place was up for grabs with Pramesh Prasad, Adam Garganis and Rhydian Cowley all in the mix. It came down to a final rush for the line with Rhydian eating into Pramesh’s lead with every stride but just failing by a couple of metres in overhauling him. What a race!

1.  Davison, Mackayla         16:30     06:30       16:11
2.  Thompson, Eliza           23:00     00:00       22:50    First ever
3.  Saunder, Fraser       
   16:30     06:30       16:44
4.  Thompson, Will            14:10     08:50       14:49
5.  Peart, Alanna             14:56     08:04       15:38
6.  Peart, Jemma              14:20     08:40       15:14
    Hayes, Zahra              14:30     08:30       DNS
1.  Hess, Albin               20:30     02:30       19:28    PB 0:56
2.  Keirl, Bernie             17:00     06:00       17:01
3.  Barrow, Geoff             20:10     02:50       20:21
4.  Carr, Heather             17:05     05:55       17:30
5.  Lotherington, Bill        21:30     01:30       22:00
6.  Elms, Donna-Marie         17:50     05:10       18:27
7.  Bryant, Barb              17:10     05:50       17:56
8.  Knox, Duncan              18:30     04:30       19:30

1.  Peart, Scott              05:31     PB 0:03
2.  Tallent, Brodie           05:35     PB 0:15
3.  Fox, Oscar                05:57     PB 0:01
1.  Vaughan, Maddison         06:14     PB
2.  Tallent, Jorja            06:46     PB 0:01
    Fox, Amber                DNS
    Heikkila-Dubowik, Kaylah  DNS

1.  Whiley, Ebony             31:30     00:00       30:07
2.  Prasad, Pramesh           24:07     07:23       23:59
3.  Cowley, Rhydian           20:15     11:15       20:08
4.  Garganis, Adam            21:20     10:10       21:50
    Hamilton, Emily           25:10     06:20       DNS

And now to the big list of thank you’s.

- Thanks to Michael Smith for his superb local organization and efforts in pulling everything together.
- Thanks to the VRWC judges who came up and helped out judging.
- Thanks to everyone who helped with setup, event running and pulldown in the rain.
- Thanks to Harry Koponen of the Castlemaine NAB bank for his ongoing support and presence today.
- Thanks to the Mount Alexander Shire for their generous support, both financial and otherwise (and for the use of the botanical gardens).
- Thanks to Peter Grant at the Castlemaine Bike Vault for his generous sponsorship.
- Thanks to the Castlemaine Amcal Pharmacy for their genorous sponsorship.
- And finally, thanks to Terry Swan for his superb photo gallery at http://www.vrwc.org.au/piwigo/index.php?/category/424.

See you all in Castlemaine next year.