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Hailey from Northcote High School in Melbourne, checked out our VRWC website recently and noticed that, although we had lots of great information on it, we have nothing on running (or in our case walking) safely. She directed me to website https://www.dietspotlight.com/benefits-of-running/ which contains a very good discussion of the key factors in safely training. Here is an extract of the key points (replace the word running with walking)

Healthy and Safe Running: A Detailed Guide
By Summer Banks on Oct 25, 2017

While running may seem very safe, there are still some things to keep in mind. Always follow safety rules and guidelines for your specific area. Any good running program starts with running safety.

Tell Someone
Before you head out on the road or trail running, tell someone. Inform them of your running routes, how long you’re running and your running location. How long are you running and your running map.

Face Traffic
If you’re road running, you’ll want to face traffic. You’ll see oncoming cars easier than when you’re facing the opposite direction.

Wear Bright Colors
Your running gear should include wearing bright colors. Even when running during the day, it’s a must to wear brightly colored clothing. If you’re into night running, wear reflective materials and use a headlamp, handheld light or shoe lights to make it easier for others to see you.

Carry ID and a Phone
Carry an ID, cell phone and emergency contact information with you when you run.

Be Aware at All Times
Be aware of any vehicles or dangers around you when running. Don’t assume everyone sees you.

Follow the Rules
If you run on multi-use trails or anywhere outside of regular roads, make sure you follow the rules. Some trails have strict rules, while others are not so strict. It’s best to make sure you follow all of the rules of the area to ensure safety.

Thanks Hailey....great suggestion

Tim Erickson, November 2017