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VRWC Results - Summer Season 2016/2017


The Summer Season occurs between October and March and coincides with the long hot Australian summer. The emphasis in on track walking and most races are over the shorter track distances. There is also a strong walking presence in the 'Interclub' Track Competition with all Athletics Teams fielding walkers in their regular competitions.

For this reason, VRWC only holds a small number of events during this period.


While many of us were in Adelaide at the national roadwalk championships, our VRWC summer season continued in Melbourne, with the club hosting the Victorian Masters 5000m track walk championships in Clifton Hill on Sunday morning. Club president Stuart Cooper tells me it was cool but rainy squalls in the final hour made conditions a little tougher. Well done to our many Victorian Masters medallists.

5000m Walk Masters Women
1.  Sandra Geisler         35-39    27.54        
1.  Michelle Laufer        45-49    27.22
1.  Sandra Howorth         50-54    38.03
1.  Pam Tindal             55-59    27.13
2.  Donna Elms             55-59    30.58
1.  Alison Thompson        60-64    32.32
1.  Heather Carr           65-69    28.34
2.  Celia Johnson          65-69    37.15
1.  Gwen Steed             70-74    34.03
1.  Beverley Hugo          75-79    42.45
1.  Pam Mews               80-84    52.36
5000m Walk Masters Men            
1.  Rupert Van Dongen      40-44    32.00    
1.  Stuart Kollmorgen      45-49    23.48
2.  David Smyth            45-49    26.35        
1.  Bernie Keirl           50-54    29.13        
1.  Simon Evans            55-59    27.17
2.  Paul Moritz            55-59    33.12
3.  Albin Hess             55-59    34.08
DQ  Greg Hughes            55-59    DQ        
1.  Clyde Riddoch          60-64    34.49
2.  Anthony Doran          60-64    35.02
1.  Frank Prowse           65-69    33.37
2.  Geoff Barrow           65-69    34.19    
DQ  Andrew Jamieson        70-74    DQ        
1.  Gunther Ilgoutz        75-79    33.52            
1.  Bob Gardiner           80-84    34.05
2.  Colin Silcock-Delaney  80-84    44.27

VRWC 5000m Open Walk                
1.  Charlotte Hay          27.30
    Steven Stern           DQ    
    Stuart Kollmorgen      DNF    (3km in 14.34)
VRWC 3000m Open Walk        
1.  Jasmine Hass           16.50
2.  Angus Hay              18.07
3.  Albin Hess             22.26

Thanks the many people who helped out on the day. Many of our regulars were in Adelaide for the national roadwalk champs but others came to the rescue.

Race director: Stu Cooper
Set up/pack up: Bob Gardiner
Judges: Stu Cooper (chief), Brenda Felton, Harry Summers
Race entries: Carolyn Rosenbrock, Brenda Felton, Stu Cooper
Timekeepers/Lapscorers: Carolyn Rosenbrock, Colin Thompson, Bill Carr, Margaret Hay, Simon Evans, Barrie Wicks
Starters: Harry Summers, Bob Gardiner


The Victorian Teams 5km Roadwalk Championships were contested on Sunday morning at Middle Park in Melbourne. Disappointingly, entries were low, especially since we see around 100 walkers contesting the AV Shield competition each week. Overall, the women’s teams race went to Glenhuntly and the men’s teams race went to Nunawading, ahead of Collingwood. Overall, Simone McInnes (25:35) and Kyle Swan (22:21) took line honours.

AV 5km Teams Race Women
1.  Simone McInnes       GHY   25:35
2.  Paige  De Lisen      KNA   28:19
3.  Heather Carr         GHY   30:09
4.  Gwen Steed           GHY   35:33
5.  Sandra Howorth       GHY   39:12

AV 5km Teams Race Women
1.  Kyle Swan            ANW   22:21
2.  Bradley Simpson      ANW   23:04
3.  Stuart Kollmorgen    COL   24:07
4.  Pramesh Prasad       COL   24:36
5.  David Smyth          COL   27:40
6.  Adam McCann          ANW   32:52
7.  David Sommers        ANW   33:28
8.  Robert Gardiner      COL   35:05

Teams Race Results        
Women   1.  GHY     S McInnes,  H Carr, G Steed
Men:    1.  ANW     K Swan, B Simpson, A McCann
        2.  COLL    S Kollmorgen, P Prasad, D Smyth

A number of additional VRWC races were contested.

15km Open            
1.  Karyn O'Neill        F    1:51:51
    Terry O'Neill        M    DNF

10km Open            
1.  Philippa Huse        F    51:13
2.  Simone McInnes       F    55:44
3.  Bernie Kierl         M    63:04
4.  Donna Elms           F    67:05
5.  Albin Hess           M    73:19
    Stephanie George     F    DNF
    Emily Hamilton       F    DNF
    Reece Walmsley       M    DNF
    Hayden Walmsley      M    DNF

5km Open
1.  Jason Kozica         M    23:29
2.  Corey Dickson        M    25:51            
3.  Cassandra Knight     F    30:27
    Will Thompson        M    DNF

3km Open            
1.  Charlotte Hay        F    16:26
2.  Jasmin Hass          F    17:03
3.  Angus Hay            M    21:25

2km Open
1.  Luke Epps            M    14:02            
2.  Eliza Thompson       F    15:54
3.  Pam Mews             F    20:58

Our final VRWC races for the summer will be held at the George Knott Reserve in Clifton Hill on Sunday 19th February. This meet will also see the VMA 5000m track walks contested.


Our latest VRWC summer season races were held last Sunday morning at Middle Park in typically hot Melbourne weather. Quite a few of the walkers had contested AV Shield the day before but they fronted again for a further hitout. Some performances deserve a special mention. 18 year old part time walker Shae Wellington walked his first ever 10km, coming home strongly and recording a great time of 48:14. Simone McInnes was not far behind, recording a huge PB of 48:34 to continue her recent good form. The other walker in great form was Pramesh Prasad who seems to PB on just about every walk. This time was no exception, with a road PB of 24:42 and a new VRWC M40 club record. And welcome to first time U9 walker Lucas Kent who recorded 7:58 for the 1km distance.

20km Walk
1.  Terry O'Neill        M    2:13:34
    Karyn O'Neill        F        DNF

15km Walk
    Paul Moritz          M        DNF

10km Walk
1.  Shea Wellington      M      48:14    First 10km
2.  Simone McInnes       F      48:34    PB 1:43
3.  Jason Kozica         M      50:56
4.  Mark Donahoo         M      56:59
5.  Bernie Keirl         M    1:01:51
6.  Carolyn Rosenbrock   F    1:05:05
7.  Donna Elms           F    1:10:37

5km Walk
1.  Pramesh Prasad       M      24:42    VRWC M40 Record
2.  Pam Tindal           F      27:54
3.  David Smyth          M      28:16
4.  Heather Carr         F      31:02
5.  Albin  Hess          M      37:03
6.  David Moore (TAS)    M      41:34

3km Walk
1.  Paul  Moritz         M      20:16
2.  Anthony Doran        M      21:16
3.  Harry Summers        M      23:36

2km Walk
1.  Pam Mews             F      21:18

1km Walk
1.  Lucas Kent           M      07:58    New walker
2.  Tim Erickson         M      07:58

Lapsplits at http://vrwc.org.au/wp1/race-splits-laps/.

Officials: Ralph Bennett, Tim Erickson, Mark Donahoo,
Judging: Peter Vysma, Gordon Loughnan, Stuart Cooper, Kathleen Marsh
Photos: Terry Swan


With all 3 Rio Olympians (Jared Tallent, Chris Erickson and Brendon Reading) opting to bypass the 2016 Australian 50km championship, we had only one starter in 38 year old Canberra based walker Matt Griggs. But what a story it was! Matt was one of our top juniors in the late 1990s, taking bronze in the 1996 Australian U18 8km walk and silver in the 1997 Australian U20 20km, only to then give the sport away and move onto other things, including a stint living overseas in Armenia. He returned to Australia briefly in late 2015, doing a few walks with the ACT Race Walking Club before returning overseas again. He returned again in June of this year, unfit and overweight but with a plan to get back into shape – and the plan involved training for this 50km championship. His first race back on July 2nd saw him record 12:43 for a 2km roadwalk – not an auspicious start. In the intervening 5 months, he has shed 15km to reduce his weight from 95km to 80km and came into this race hoping for a time around 4:30. Well, he nearly made it, his finish time 4:36:14 and his reward an Australian Championship gold medal. And at 38 years of age, he may well be our oldest ever inaugural winner of this title. His 10km splits tell the story of his race: 52:25, 51:41, 51:53, 57:37 and 62:38. Yes, he slowed but he never really died, always looking composed and in control. Wow!

Men 50km Road Walk Australian Championship Open, 7AM
1.  Matt Griggs           ACT     M38    4:36:14    Inaugural

Overall conditions were good, with a cool and overcast Melbourne morning and the fast Fawkner Park 2km lap providing an ideal racing environment. The 20km races saw wins to New Zealand Rio Olympians Quentin Rew (1:24:57) and Alana Barber (1:32:59). Both raced strongly and were too good on the day for their opposition. The men’s 20km saw fellow Rio Olympian Rhydian Cowley (1:28:13) take second with 18 year old Tyler Jones (1:30:12) taking third with his first ever 20km effort. In the women’s race, 2012 Olympian Beki Smith (1:33:54) took second ahead of Simone McInnes (1:47:54).

Men 20km Road Walk Invitation Open, 8AM
1.  Quentin Rew           NZL     M32    1:24:57
2.  Rhydian Cowley        VIC     M25    1:28:13
3.  Tyler Jones           NSW     M18    1:30:12    Inaugural
4.  Jay Felton            NSW     M21    1:32:29
5.  Carl Gibbons          NSW     M20    1:33:28    PB 1:55
6.  Adam Garganis         VIC     M19    1:37:30
7.  Stuart Kollmorgen     VIC     M47    1:43:27
8.  Pramesh Prasad        VIC     M42    1:45:20     PB 1:39
9.  Simon Evans           VIC     M56    1:56:53
    Reese Walmsley        VIC     M18    DQ

Women 20km Road Walk Invitation Open, 8AM
1.  Alana Barber          NZL     W29    1:32:59
2.  Beki Smith            NSW     W30    1:33:54
3.  Simone  McInnes       VIC     W25    1:47:54    Inaugural

The men’s U20 10km race saw Western Australian Declan Tingay (PB 42:36) win with a time which bettered Troy Sundstrom’s Australian U18 record of 42:47. It comes on top of some great walks over the shorter distances and continues his recent great form. Behind him, Luke McCutcheon was only 4 secs outside his PB in taking second place with 45:11, while Kyle Swan was third with 46:27. In the women’s U20 10,m, 17 year old Philippa Huse (49:46) recorded yet another sub-50 min performances.

Men 10km Road Walk Invitation U20, 9AM
1.  Declan Tingay         WA      M17    42:36    PB 1:21, new Aust U18 record
2.  Luke McCutcheon       QLD     M18    45:11
3.  Kyle Swan             VIC     M17    46:27
4.  Dylan Richardson      NSW     M16    46:32    PB 1:14
5.  Corey Dickson         VIC     M14    52:14    PB 1:42
6.  Hayden Walmsley       VIC     M15    57:15

Women 10km Road Walk Invitation U20, 9AM
1.  Philippa Huse         VIC     W17    49:46

And finally, we had 2 girls in the U18 5km, with Rebecca Henderson (24:29) taking line honours.

Women 5km Road Walk Invitation U18, 10AM
1.  Rebecca Henderson     VIC     W15    24:29
2.  Emily Noonan          VIC     W16    32:56

Overall, small numbers but some quality performances. Thanks to Athletics Australia for providing the opportunity for our walkers to contest quality races under full judging panels. The next big road races will be in Adelaide on Sunday February 19th when the Australian 20km Summer Championships meet will be contested.


Perfect weather greeted walkers on Sunday morning for our annual VRWC summer roadwalk championships at Middle Park. The 20km walkers started first at 8:30AM, with Rio Olympian Quentin Rew timing his long training session to reach the start line just in time for the gun. He went on to win the Open Men’s Club Championship with a comfortable 1:32:52, ahead of Adam Garganis and Pramesh Prasad.
20km Open Men VRWC Championship - Gus Theobald Trophy        
1.  Quentin Rew           1:32:52
2.  Adam Garganis         1:38:45
3.  Pramesh Prasad        1:48:48
4.  Simon Evans           1:57:24

The 10km walkers started at 9:30AM and, although the field was small overall, it was of a high quality. Rio Olympian Rhydian Cowley led throughout to win with 43:19, ahead of Kyle Swan 48:03 and Stuart Kollmorgen 49:02. But their fine performance were perhaps overshadowed by 17 year old Philippa Huse and 16 year old Rebecca Henderson who walked inspired races to both break 50 mins with PB times of 49:30 and 49:55. Further back, Heather Carr walked her usual solid race to win our Masters Women club championship which is named after her!
10km Masters Women VRWC Championship - Heather Carr Trophy        
1.  Heather Carr          1:02:14
10km  Open    
1.  Rhydian Cowley          43:19
2.  Kyle Swan               47:03
3.  Stuart Kollmorgen       49:02    
4.  Philippa Huse           49:30    PB 1:40
5.  Rebecca Henderson       49:55    PB 3:03
6.  Mark Donahoo              DNF
7.  Jason Kozica              DNF

Our 5km and 3km walkers started at 10:30AM, with Reese Walmsley leading out to win with 24:40. Well done to our club championship winners Reese, Charlotte Hay and Corey Dickson.
5km U20 VRWC Championship        
1.  Reese Walmsley          24:40
2.  Hayden Walmsley         25:53
5km  Open
1.  Anthony Doran           35:35    
2.  Celia Johnson           37:07

3km U15 VRWC Championship        
1.  Charlotte Hay           18:07
2.  Kathleen O'Mahony       19:00

1.  Corey Dickson           14:39
2.  Heath Beveridge         17:40
3.  Angus Hay               19:30

3km Open
1.  Jason Kozica            15:23        
2.  Donna Elms              17:39
3.  Gwen Steed              20:24
4.  Sandra Howorth          21:58
5.  Pam Mews                30:57

Finally, our younger walkers contested 1.5km club championships, with Kaylah Heikkila-Dubowik, Luke Epps and Hamish Blackwood all winning gold.
1.5km  U12 VRWC Championship    
1.  Kaylah Heikkila-Dubowik  8:23

1.  Luke Epps                8:14
2.  Scott Peart              8:27

1.5km  U9 VRWC Championship        
1.  Hamish Blackwood         8:42    PB 0:01

Thanks as always to our judges, officials and helpers. Sorry if I hav missed anyone – you are all appreciated!

Officials: Tim Erickson, Mark Donahoo, Ralph Bennett, Damien Elms, Jason Elms, Simon Evans, Kathy Huse
Judges: Peer Vysma (chief), Stuart Cooper, Michael Bodey, Ralph Bennett
Canteen: Wendy Cooper
Photos: Terry Swan (see http://www.vrwc.org.au/coppermine/thumbnails.php?album=94)  


Perfect evening conditions greeted walkers at the George Knott Athletics Track in Clifton Hill last Wednesday for the latest VRWC summer season races. The 3000m and 5000m walks kicked off at 6:30PM, with Adam Garganis and Kyle Swan walking side by side in an exciting exhibition. It was eventually Adam who kicked clear to win by 4 seconds, 21:56 to 22:00. Behind them, Pramesh Prasad, Simone McInnes and Rebecca Henderson also had a great tussle, with Pramesh and Simone getting away in the last stages to set PBs of 23:54 and 23:55. The 1500m walk at 7:15PM saw Rhydian Cowley walk very fast to win with 5:33.1, only 4 secs outside his PB of 5:29. Jason Kozica and Adam battled it out for second with Jason just getting the nod, both walkers recording 6:07.9.

5000m Walk                
1.  Garganis, Adam           21:56    
2.  Swan, Kyle               22:00    
3.  Prasad, Pramesh          23:54    PB 0:25
4.  McInnes, Simone          23:55    PB 0:12
5.  Henderson, Rebecca       24:07    
6.  Walmsley, Reese          25:37    
7.  Donahoo, Mark            26:16    
    Moritz, Paul             DNF     
3000m Walk                
1.  Dickson, Corey           15:44    
2.  Dickenson, Russ          19:20    
3.  Gardiner, Bob            20:05    
1500m Walk                
1.  Cowley, Rhydian          5:33.1    
2.  Kozica, Jason            6:07.9   PB 0:09
3.  Garganis, Adam           6:07.9    
4.  Swan, Kyle               6:23.5    
5.  Dickson, Cory            7:17.5  

Thanks to our judges and helpers – appreciated as always.
Judges: Peter Vysma, Stuart Cooper, Shane Dickson, Judy Mason
Photos: Terry Swan
Admin: Tim Erickson, Simon Baker, Wayne Henderson


It was a dangerously windy day in Melbourne on Sunday for the opening round of our VRWC summer season at Middle Park and this, combined with the fact that we had our opening round of AV Shield competition the day before, meant that numbers were small - only 23 walkers.  But this did not prevent 3 of our walkers from recording PBs, with Philippa Huse (10km 51:10, PB 0:08), Pramesh Prasad (10km, 51:03, PB 0:23) and Heath Beveridge (3km, 17:33, PB (0:06) showing great early season form. It was also great to see Olympian Rhydian Cowley having his first hitout since the Olympics with an easy 10km (45:24) and 2016 World Cup rep Kyle Swan strolling through 5km with 24:14.

10km Open        
1.  Philippa Huse          51:10    PB 0:08
2.  Erika Woodward         59:17
3.  Heather Carr         1:00:44
4.  Karyn O'Neill        1:11:12

1.  Rhydian Cowley         45:24
2.  Pramesh Prasad         51:03    PB 0:23
3.  James Christmass       52:58
4.  Aaron McDonough        53:13
5.  Mark Donahoo           56:10
6.  Simon Evans            56:18
7.  Terry O'Neill        1:04:38
    Albin Hess                DQ

5km Open        
1.  Donna-Marie Elms       30:22
2.  Pam Mews               50:30

1.  Kyle Swan              24:14
2.  Corey Dickson          27:00
3.  David Smyth            29:24
4.  Tim Erickson           30:51
3km Open    
1.  Cassandra Knight       16:22
2.  Charlotte Hay          16:39

1.  Heath Beveridge        17:33    PB 0:06
2.  Luke Epps              18:40

2km Open    
1.  Angus Hay              12:43

Thanks as usual to our officials and judges and helpers. Apologies if I missed anyone – you are all vital cogs in our network.

Officials: Mark Donahoo, Damien Elms, Harry Summers, Raph Bennett, Tim Erickson
Judges: Peter Vysma (chief), Michael Bodey
Canteen: Kate Suich
Photos: Terry Swan