Race Splits and Lap Times

VRWC ages and age groups are taken from the previous 30th September. AA and AV youth age groups are taken as at 31st December of the year of the race

Official results for events sanctioned by Athletics Australia, Race Walk Australia, and Australian Masters Athletics may be timed by:

  • Hand Timing – three official timekeepers required for winners and performances for record purposes;
  • Fully Automatic Timing obtained from a Photo Finish System; and,
  • Timing provided by a Transponder System for competitions held under Rule 230 (Race Walking not held completely in the stadium), road, cross-country, and trail races.

These race results normally include both split and lap times that are taken from our VRWC Transponder Timing System (chip timing). To ensure compliance with IAAF requirements, the Transponder System is started by the Starter’s gun or synchronised with the start signal. The finish time shall be recorded to the next whole second. “Net” times may be advised to the athlete but they will not be considered an official time. Whenever possible, lap times and intermediate times at every 1000m in races of 3000m and over shall be recorded.

Athletes and their coaches should find the splits and lap times helpful in the analysis of the athlete’s performance. The chip finish times are, usually, within 0.5 seconds of photo finish times.

Recent chip times are available by viewing or downloading the spreadsheets listed below.

28 Jul 19 – AV 30km, Age-Group 10-5-3km, VRWC 3-Hour, 20-10-5-2km

20 Jul 19 – VRWC 5 x 2km Intervals, 4km, 2km

13 Jul 19 – VMA, VRWC Championships, RWA Challenge

23 Jun 19 – AV, AV Schools, VMA, VRWC Championships

15 Jun 19 – Estimated Time Races

26 May 19 – AV, AV Country, 10km Championships – 2019

11 May 19 – AV, VRWC 15km Championships – 2019

27 Apr 19 – AMA 10km Championships – 2019

VRWC Races