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Tim Erickson

Tim on right, matching strides with Willi Sawall and David Smith in the 1978 Canberra 20 miler

Tim has been a member of the Victorian Race Walking Club since 1966 when he first joined as a sub-junior (Under 17) member. His history with the club includes many milestones which include

  • Nearly 40 years of club membership
  • Former club captain
  • Former and current editor of the famous 'Heel and Toe'
  • VRWC website webmaster since its inception in 1999
  • Club Secretary since 2001

At the time of writing, he also fulfils a number of other notable roles in the Australian walking scene including

  • Secretary of the Australian Centurions since 1995
  • A member of the Athletics Australia Racewalking Committee
  • Vice President of Racewalking Australia
  • Website webmaster for RWA and the Centurions
  • AV official

Apart from the many administrative roles he has undertaken, Tim served the club for many years as an active competitor and represented VRWC, Victoria and Australia in racewalking competitions on many occasions. 

His most significant international representations included

  • 23rd in the 1976 IAAF World Champs 50 km in  4:20:23
  • 3rd in the 1978 Commonwealth Games 30 km in 2:26:33
  • 25th in the 1979 Racewalking World Cup 50 km in  4:03:17
  • 6th in the 1982 Commonwealth Games  30km in   2:19:45
  • 25th in the 1983 Racewalking World Cup 50 km in  4:15:12

During his impressive career he was placed in 28 Victorian and 6 Australian championships. From 1974 to 1981 he was placed seven times in the LBG 20 miles title, including second place behind Sawall on five occasions.

He is also an Australian Centurion and a former British 50 km champion. In latter times, he dusted off the shoes and took silver and bronze in the 2001 World Veterans Games walks in Brisbane and gold and silver in the 2002 World Masters walks in Melbourne. Now he has officially retired from racing and continues to work for the club as a key official.

His life membership was awarded in 2005.