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VRWC Life Member - Heather Carr


     2015 WMA Champs in Lyon France  2017 Life Membership presentation

Heather in acion the 2015 WMA champs and being presented with her Life Membership certificate in 2017 by president Stuart Cooper

Heather Carr joined the VAWC in 1987 and has been a member of the club continuously since then (30 years in total).

Heather has always been ready to assist the club, both officially and unofficially. She has had various roles as part of the VRWC committee

  • 1990-91    Club Captain
  • 1998-99    Asst Sec/Treasurer
  • 2001 -       Club Committee member
  • 2006 -       Club Uniforms Officer

She has also been a wonderful role model to our younger walkers, and has won so many of our top club trophies and awards

  • She has won the Jack Larkin trophy as the top scoring country based walker (winter season) on an astonishing 24 occasions since 1988.
  • She won the Stella Murnane Trophy 9 times out of the 18 occasions when it was presented between 1990 and 2007.
  • When this trophy was decommisioned, it was replaced with the Heather Carr Trophy for the winner of the VRWC Masters Women 10km each summer. She has also won this on a number of occasions.
  • She won the 2016 VRWC Style Award, an indication of her ongoing excellence in walking.
  • She has won the Runners World Award for best club walker (female) on 6 occasions.

Her performances at the various World Veterans/Masters championships are amazing - a total of 35 individual gold and 7 individual silver medals. Said another way, she has won medals in every one of her 20 appearances at the World Masters Championships.

She had the honour of being Australian team flag bearer at the 1997 (Durban) and 2013 (Porto Allegre) World Veterans championships.

She has of course dominated the Australian and Oceania Masters championships for just as long, rarely if ever losing a race, and amassing an almost unbelievable competitive record.

She has consistently set new World, Australian and Victorian Masters records from the W40 divison onwards. When I reviewed the list in January 2015, it stood at 4 World, 9 Australian and 23 Victorian records. It has grown since then!

In 2015, she was inducted into the Australian Masters Athletics Hall of Fame, a recognition well deserved.

Heather ticks all the boxes - a consummate competitor over many years, an inspirational role model for us all and an unstinting worker for the club and her Life Membership nomination was almost certainly overdue.

In 2017, Heather was awarded VRWC Life Membership, a just recognition for her contribution to the club as a competitor and as a committee member and as a role model to younger walkers.