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VRWC Honorary Life Member - Diane Lowden


Gordon Loughnan

Diane Lowden with son Kevin and VRWC Secretary Tim Erickson

Diane Lowden was introduced to the sport of racewalking in in 1975 when her sons Kevin and Peter started with Little Athletics as young boys. Ever ready to help, she put up her hand as a racewalk judge, working alongside the likes of Doris Waters and under the watchful eye of Alan Johnson. When her two boys joined the VAWC in the early 1980s, Diane started her long association with our club - a judging and officiating association that has spanned more than 30 years.

She was the VRWC Judging Coordinator for 14 years from 1991-2004 and was awarded a VRWC Merit Award in 2005 for her club contributions. She also helped Val Paten with catering for the many social functions in the days when we had an active social committee. In those busy times at the club, she was also very much a judging mentor, nurturing people such as Judy Mason as they dipped their toes into racewalk judging.

Her contributions were wide ranging, acting as a senior resource for AV, AA and LAVic. For instance, she was on the Education Committee and the Walk Standards committee of LAVic for some 15 years.

Her duties extended well beyond our shores. She was a member of the USA Track and Field Association for 10 years and used to officiate at all National Championships each June/July. She also spent 4 years on the IAAF Oceania Walks Panel and performed the role of Chief Judge in many major championships.

Nowadays, in her fortieth year as a judge/official, she fills the vital role of Victorian Racewalk Judging coordinator. As such, she coordinates the judging panels for all AV walk championships, organises the AV racewalk judge education sessions and supervises and oversees the judging exams. This current winter season, she has judged on 4 occasions at Middle Park and still maintains her association with our club.

We were very pleased to propose Diane for Honorary Life Membership of the Victorian Race Walking Club at our 2015 AGM.

Tim Erickson
1 December 2015