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1956 Olympic Games - A Competitor's View - Ray Smith


What't it like being a competitor at an Olympic Games. Browse this selection of images which Ray Smith has kindly provided. Ray was sixth in the 50 km racewalk event and was a local Melbourne boy.

You can see other photos of Ray in some of our other 1956 Olympic Pages.

Selected at last - an official member of the Australian Olympic team.     Ray's official ID - an Olympic competitor

Selected at last  and the Olympic ID to prove it!

Ray in spectator mode - but displaying that distinctive walking style Ray's signature - is this really a collector's item?

Ray strides out purposely to the bus - the typical Olympic spectator with camera on hand

Half way through the 50 km event and it was HOT!!!   Having a lemon on the return journey to Melbourne - it was an out and back course in the 50 km event

Some shots from the 50 km event - you can see more on the 1956 50 km page in our site.

The race is over - Ray has come sixth.

At last it's all over and Ray has come sixth after a very tough race in hot conditions over a hilly course - a great achievement.

Ray in the village with Maskinov and Klimov, the Russian walkers. Klimov's bottle top   Klimov's signature

At any Olympics, the competitors from different nations mix and get to know each other. The above 3 pictures relate to Grigorii Klimov, the Russian walker whom Ray to know quite well.

Henry Laskau - the great American walker - a card worth collecting

The great American racewalker Henry Laskau was in attendance - and Ray got his card signed.

The Official Australian Team Report - just what did they have to say about Ray?

The final aftermath of the Games - the official Australian Team Report - I hope that Ray behaved himself!

Ray's competition vest     Ray's olympic tracksuit top

Ray's singlet and tracksuit top

Ray's diploma

Ray's disploma officially recognising his 6th place in the Melbourne 1956 Olympic 50 km racewalk