The ACT Race & Fitness Walking Club Inc. (ACT Walkers), on behalf of Race Walking Australia, invite members and race walkers affiliated with a National Athletics Association to participate in this year’s Annual Lake Burley Griffin Walking Carnival to be held on Sunday 11 June 2023.

All events will be conducted on a 1 kilometre circuit on the cycling criterium track affording the walkers a smooth surface with a minimal rise at one end, and spectators a view of the walkers for most of the course.

The fitness walks are open to all, but participants in the race walking events must be members of a club affiliated with Race Walking Australia or an overseas World Athletics affiliated athletic club.

Entries will close at 5:00 pm, Wednesday, 24th May 2023.

Please note : You must be a member of Race Walking Australia Federated Club to be able to enter, all athletes must compete in their respective state uniform.

The following button links enable direct access to the entry form, a list of entrants, and offers to help (via registration) for volunteers and officials – please note, these forms are hosted by the Victorian Race Walking Club (VRWC) and any data collected shall be used by VRWC and the ACT Race & Fitness Walking Club only for the administration of the 56th LBG Carnival.

A list of events, and notes on entry procedures and details relating to the general conduct of the Carnival, follow.

For complete competition event details and administrative information, view or download a copy of the 56th LBG Booklet [pdf 29 Apr 23]



The venue for all events is Stromlo Forest Park, Opperman Avenue / Dave McInness Road.  There are women’s and men’s toilets and showers located in the centre of the building near the track, and ample car parking.


#EventStart TimeHandicap Base Time
1RWA Open 30 km8:00 am127 min
2ACT Fitness 30 km8:00 amNon Hcp/Judged contact only
3AACT W&M 30 km Champ8:00 amNon Handicap event
4RWA Open Women’s 15 km8:00 am69 min – Incl RWA Masters 15km
5RWA Open Men’s 15 km8:00 am65 min – Incl RWA Masters 15km
6ACT Fitness 15 km8:00 amNon Hcp/Judged contact only
7ACT Fitness 8 km9:00 amNon Hcp/Judged contact only
8RWA Men’s U20 10 km10:30 am42 min
9ACT Open (Over 19 years) 10 km10:30 amNon Handicap Event
10RWA Women’s U20 10 km10:30 am47 min
11:45 am – 12:15 pm
11RWA Boys Under 10 1 km12:15 pm4 min 30 sec
12RWA Girls Under 10 1 km12:15 pm4 min 30 sec
13RWA Boys Under 12 2km12:25 pm9 min 20 sec
14RWA Girls Under 12 2km12:45pm9 min 20 sec
15RWA Boys Under 14 2km13:05 pm9 min 20 sec
16RWA Girls Under 14 2km13:25 pm9 min 20 sec
17RWA Boys Under 16 3km13:45 pm13 min
18RWA Girls Under 16 3km14:10 pm13 min
19RWA Boys Under 18 5km14:40 pm22 min
20RWA Girls Under 18 5km14:40 pm23 min
21RWA Women’s Open 5km15:10 pm20 min
22RWA Men’s Open 5km15:10 pm20 min
PRESENTATIONS for EVENTS 11 – 2216:00 pm
  • Events 1, 4, 5, 8, and 11 to 22 inclusive are Race Walking Australia individual and team events. Events 4 and 5 incorporate a Race Walking Australia Masters individual competition.
  • Minimum age for participants in the 15 and 30 kilometre events is 16 years.
  • Age for all Race Walking Australia events is age-on-the-day, and for Athletics ACT Championships is age on 31 December 2022.
  • Protests must be lodged in writing with the event Referee within 30 minutes of the completion of the event in dispute and accompanied by a cash fee of $20.00.