Race Entry – Sun 24 Jun 18

For Athletics Australia and Athletics Victoria events, you need to enter via their websites, unless you have been instructed otherwise.

Please complete the entry form below before 8:00pm on the evening prior to the scheduled race day. This will enable accurate entry in the VRWC Transponder Timing System (chip-timing system) and save you time in the queue at check-in.

If you do not have a VRWC race tag/chip or your tag does not have the same number as your bib number, please check in at the venue at least 45 minutes prior to your race start.

Note :  Only current financial members of VRWC [for 1 Oct 17 – 30 Sep 18] may contest VRWC Championship/Trophy events.

AV, VMA, VRWC 20km Championships - Sun 24 Jun 18

AV, VMA , VRWC 20km Championships, VRWC 20-10-5-2km Open non-championships.
AV Schools 10-5-3km Youth Championships, VRWC 2.5km - U12, 1.5km - U10 Championships.
Enter VMA and VRWC races here - fees to be paid at VRWC at least 45 minutes before race start .
VRWC categories based on age at previous 30 September.
Masters categories are based on age on race day.
If no Bib number, enter 0 (zero). If you have no Tag or it's number is different to your Bib, please get to the check-in desk early.
For example, a special request to the Event Organiser/Referee/Chief Timekeeper regarding a record attempt, or early start.