Race Entry – Wed 22 Jan 20 – Clifton Hill

For Athletics Australia and Athletics Victoria events, you need to enter via their websites, unless you have been instructed otherwise.

Please complete the entry form below before 8:00pm the day before the race day. This will enable accurate entry in the VRWC Transponder Timing System (chip-timing system) and save you time in the queue at check-in.

[ If you do not have a VRWC race tag/chip or your tag does not have the same number as your bib number, please check in at the venue at least 45 minutes prior to your race start. ] – use of tags is temporarily suspended

Note :  Only current financial members of VRWC [for 1 Oct 19 – 30 Sep 20] may contest VRWC Championship/Trophy events.

VRWC Track Races – Wed 22 Jan 20 – Clifton Hill

Venue: George Knott Athletic Field, 143 Heidelberg Road, Clifton Hill.
For VRWC Races, please pay race fees [$7.00] at least 30min before your race
VRWC 5,000m-3,000m-1500m Open – all age groups are eligible for all events
VRWC categories based on age at previous 30 September.
If no Bib/Tag number or not known, enter 0 (zero), and please get to the check-in desk early.
For example, a special request to the Event Organiser/Referee/Chief Timekeeper regarding a record attempt.