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VRWC Fixture - 2018/2019 Summer Season


The RaceWalking calendar in Australia is divided into two main seasons, Winter and Summer.

The Winter Season occurs between April and September and covers the Australian winter. Conditions are generally superb for road walking with mild winter temperatures, fast courses and lots of competition for all age groups.

The Summer Season occurs between October and March and coincides with the long hot Australian summer. The emphasis in on track walking and most races are over the shorter track distances. There is also a strong walking presence in the 'Interclub' Track Competition with all Athletics Teams fielding walkers in their regular competitions.

VRWC races are conducted in a traffic free environment on the Albert Park Formula One Grand Prix service roads, Albert Park Reserve, Middle Park.

Wed 17th October 2018, VRWC Track Races                                Mentone
Venue: Mentone athletic Track, Dolomore Reserve, Queen Street, Mentone
6.30pm    10,000m                                                      Open
6.45pm    1500m                                                        Open
7.00pm    5000m, 3000m                                                 Open

Sun 28th October 2018, VRWC Road Races                                 Middle Park
8.00am    20km, 15km, 10km                                             Open
9.00am    5km, 3km                                                     Open
9.30am    2km, 1km                                                     Open

Sun 18th November 2018, VRWC Summer Championships and AGM              Middle Park
8:00am    20km Gus Theobald Memorial Trophy                            Open Men
          20km                                                         Open Women
8.30am    10km Heather Carr Trophy                                     Masters Women
          10km                                                         Open
9.30am    1.5km VRWC Championship                                      Under 12 B & G
          1.5km VRWC Championship                                      Under 9 B & G
9.45am    5km VRWC Championship                                        Under 20 M & W
          5km & 3km                                                    Open
          3km VRWC Championship                                        Under 15 B & G
10.30am   Presentations   
11.00am   Annual General Meeting   

Sun 2nd December 2018                                                  Fawkner Park, Melbourne
Australian 50km Championship

Sun 20th January 2019, VRWC Road Races                                 Middle Park
8.00am    20km, 15km, 10km                                             Open
9.00am    5km, 3km                                                     Open
9.30am    2km, 1km                                                     Open

Sun 3rd February 2019                                                  Adelaide
Australian 20km Summer Roadwalk Championships

Wed 13th February 2019, AV 5km Teams Championship & VRWC Walks         Mentone
Venue: Mentone Athletic Track, Dolomore Reserve, Queen Street, Mentone
6.40pm    VRWC 1500m                                                   Open
7.00pm    AV 5000m Teams championship                                  Open

* Rules for AV Teams Championships:
  1. A Male Team will consist of 3 or more male walkers currently registered with the same AV Club or Country Region. A Female Team will consist of 3 or more female walkers currently registered with the same AV Club or Country Region. Mixed teams are not possible.
  2. The first 3 walkers to finish will be designated as the first finishing team for that club.
  3. The next 3 walkers to finish for that club will be designated as their second team and so on.
  4. All team members must be aged 12 years or older on the day. Scoring of Teams Points will be in line with the AV Cross Country scoring system.
  5. All entries must be completed on the proper entry form as issued by Athletics Victoria.

Sun 17th February 2019, VRWC Track Races, VMA 5000m Champmionships     Mentone
Venue: Mentone Athletic Track, Dolomore Reserve, Queen Street, Mentone
VMA 5000m Championship                                       Masters Women
VMA 5000m Championship                                       Masters Men
VRWC 5000m and 3000m                                         Open
VRWC 1500m                                                   Open